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Monotropa Terrain, 2021 (Super 8 transferred to digital)

“ … Originally shot on Super 8, Monotropa Terrain is a continuation of Bartos’ series Spider Monkeys, of which a selection is shown in the exhibition. This series is also focused on dualistic beings, half-human half otherworldly, entangled in psychological landscapes. Where her decision to use expired Polaroid film was a deliberate choice of medium to re-create childhood memories in the artist’s highly acclaimed photography series Family Portrait, the choice for Super 8 film as medium to shoot Monotropa Terrain again proves to be in line with the film’s subjects. …“ | https://tommysimoens.com/index.php/exhibitions/monotropaterrain.html

–> https://www.anetabartos.com/monotropa-terrain | https://www.anetabartos.com/

// https://static1.squarespace.com/static/546d2bb2e4b07045cfc546cd/t/6196f8b87630434bd3c1af31/1637284030624/Aneta+Bartos+Monotropa+Terrain.pdf

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