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[Ümit Mesut… ]

His wife thinks he’s obsessed, but rewind boy Ümit isn’t convinced. The film follows Ümit Mesut, a colourful East London shop keeper, as he fights to keep his passion for celluloid alive in an ever changing digital world….He strikes the switch, then the lamp and the show begins.

By Liam Saint-Pierre | https://vimeo.com/80799875

[Secret Nuclear Bunker (2014)… ]

“The Secret Nuclear Bunker” (Chris Gavin, 2014)

This film was shot entirely on Argenti APX100 Super 8 film. The film was DIY film developed in a home-made processing tank then digitized frame by frame using a DIY film-scanner.

Hidden deep beneath the Essex countryside is a concrete souvenir of the Cold War era…
This is a short film about The Secret Nuclear Bunker. Built in 1952, and operational right up until 1992, the bunker would have become the home to as many as 600 military and civil staff in the event of nuclear war. The facility is arranged over three floors and hidden inside a hill in the Essex Countryside at Kelvedon Hatch. The Secret Nuclear Bunker is open to the public and well worth a visit …

[Process… ]

… The film was shot entirly on expired 16mm Kodak WL 2210 surveillance film through a Bolex H16 and an Arri SR2 and hand processed, this was a conscious and unavoidable choice due to the subject of the portrait. … The film is a documentary, a portrait of Ig Wilkinson, not a fictional representation.
(Tom Kirkman, 2014) | http://www.tomkirkmanmedia.co.uk/Process

[Super8 im Lichspielhaus Mutter (Kassel)… ]

premiere premiere premiere
unser erster haesslicher film
fertig geschnitten und geschunden
kommt rum

MUTTER Kneipe/Bar/Disco/Punk´n´Roll
Das Traditionsunternehmen mit dem formidablen Namen “Mutter” ist ein Muss für jeden Freund gepflegter Punkrock-Abendgestaltung.
bunsenstr. ecke henkelstr., 34127 Kassel

Gerda Paulsen’s Fahrt ins Glueck
Super 8 Film, Filmgruppe 34 Nord, Kassel 2014
Mit: Gerhard Kalden, Nuria Ibanez, Renaud Picard und Peter
Live Musik: Claudia Hellwig