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Amateur work has not generated a great body of critical discourse. Archives are recent, crude and for the large part unstudied. I decided to describe the field of amateur film enough so we could see its influence on the underground both in its US phase and in its recent phase in London. Along with the evidence from my oral history interviews of the collective I hope to show that the cultural field of amateur film is important to a critical contextualisation of the Exploding Cinema.

Exploding Cinema 1992 – 1999, culture and democracy
By Stefan Szczelkun (2002)
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programmed for showing 1991 ‹ 1998 (surviving programmes) in open access shows only. Listed alphabetically by author surname. Dedicated to the end of the Super 8 era.
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[Interviews with Exploders… ]
Exploding Cinema 1999 Interviews (21 min, Edited in 2006)
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[A Speech from a Super 8 Fanatic… ]

Ümit & Son is located at 35 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, E5 0NS. Ümit has owned the shop in Clapton for over 20 years and is one of Europe’s biggest collectors of Super 8.

Ümit: This all started because of my dad. He was a projectionist. When I was a little boy, say, seven or eight years old, I used to sneak into the projection room with him when he’d taken me to work. I became fascinated with all the machinery, and now, well, for me, it’s love.

A Speech from a Super 8 Fanatic
Viceland Film (January 7th, 2010 @ 14:58)
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[Interviews with Exploders… ]

Exploding Cinema 1999 Interviews (21 min, 03.11.2006)

An interviews with the Exploding Cinema collecttve, the open access underground cinema group from London that started in 1991. Shot on DVCAM in 1999 (except Duncan Reekie 1996 Hi8) The full interviews on DVD are in the BFI Special Collections, London or the BAFVSC British Artists Film & Video Study Collection at Central St Martins London.



EXPLODING CINEMA | http://www.explodingcinema.org/

Exploding Cinema 1992 – 1999, culture and democracy
Stefan Szczelkun PhD Thesis RCA 2002