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[Silva Shade… ]

Cherry Kino (2013): This film, made in a Finnish forest in April this year, was hand processed in coffee developer (caffenol) to a black and white negative, fixed using sea salt water for 20 hours, and I then hand-painted it with photographic watercolours. I wanted to use a filmmaking process that was gentle on the magnificent environment I was in, and that’s what I came up with. I then inverted the film to create a positive image, where instead of being black, the trees are coloured. ‘Silva’ is Latin for forest, and ‘silver’ is the essence of cinema, in all its many shades. I recorded the sound in the same forest. >> https://vimeo.com/69814260 | http://vimeo.com/cherrykino | http://cherrykino.blogspot.de/

[Broke Down Mill Town… ]

Filmed mainly in McKeesport, PA, this film explores the visual landscape of a town devastated by the collapse of the steel industry. The soundtrack was composed for the film by the band Black Yodel and was recorded live at the first “Sync’d” screening in Pittsburgh, PA, in December 2009.
Shot on Tri-X Super 8, hand-processed and transferred to HD.

Tess Allard (Pittsburgh, PA) | http://www.astralsled.com/ | http://vimeo.com/astralsled/videos