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[Super 8 Sound Inc… ]

Super 8 Sound Inc Circa 1973 Double System from Pro8mm on Vimeo.

This film was made by Kodak at Super 8 Sound Inc at there headquaters.
It was shot on 16mm then printed on Super 8 Sound (1973) …
=> http://vimeo.com/groups/santiagorama/videos/4738864


=> http://www.dtvgroup.com/Super8Sound/

ADVANCED SOUND FOR SUPER 8 (By Tony Galluzzo, 1974)
Ektasound has already made its impression for the home movie buff
who wishes to record and shoot the simple sound-on-film pre-striped
way. For more demanding, advanced aspirations, there are more
advanced ways you can go. …
=> http://www.dtvgroup.com/Super8Sound/Modern_Photography.pdf

=> http://www.dtvgroup.com/Super8Sound/Super8_Sound_Catalog.pdf