[Zum Wahn der Liebe #90 … ]

It Hurts So Good (Millie Jackson, 1973)

“ … I’m not complaining
What you’re doing, you see
Cause this hurting feeling
Is, ooh, so good to me Don’t you know that it
Hurts so good
Don’t you know that it
Hurts so good …“

Epiphanny Taylor 5 years ago: “ … don’t think it’s explainable. Pain n pleasure all at once…but the pleasure outweighs the pain …“

Gregory Carlton 7 years ago: “ … although the lyrics are psychotic … its a good song …“

Bonnie Wright 7 years ago: “ … man I love this song it is so true when you are so much in love!!!! DAMMMMMMMMMM ….“

Greg Williams 7 months ago: “ … U can’t help but feel it …“

Nomsa Mkhize 5 months ago: “ … when you are inlove, pride completely dies. …“

Victoria Levy 1 month ago: “ … My late husband nearly drove me to suicide three years ago. I was so heartbroken by him, I wanted to die. The neglect, abuse, cheating, lying and stealing was too damn much. That hurt wasn’t good. He was great in some areas and horrible in others. I say what a waste. He died of a drug overdose at 39 years old. RIP Sam. God bless you always. I love you Millie. You are beautiful. …“

Ray Melton 5 years ago: “ … I feel in love with her at 10 years old. …“

Trisie Tutson 3 years ago: “ … it hurt so bad you dont no where it come form …“

Tony Williams 2 years ago: “ … Kids had to go to bed when millie came on. Grown up time …“

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