[Zwischen Lust und Melancholie #13… ]

I Get Along Without You Very Well“ (Chet Baker Sings, 1954)
// https://www.discogs.com/de/master/60289-Chet-Baker-Chet-Baker-Sings
// —> https://youtu.be/hqRtTjQD0RE

@itsametaphorbrian4997 (2020): “ … I have to admit, I love his perfectly imperfect vocals. It is like being breakable, even vulnerable. Listening to him sing doesn’t make me feel like a hero but human. It feels like a silent agreement of both, artist and listener how painful yet essential misery can be for the human nature. In a way listening to his voice, singing in no glamourus way is like a shelter in a world full of superhumans. …“
@grandpaturtle5384: “ … for when you go to sleep …“

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