[Peak Impressions (1968) … ]

Hengist ( 22. Dezember 2012): … Listening to [The Freeborne Peak Impressions (1968)] is like eating a box of Lindt continental chocolates and drinking a bottle of Southern Comfort; self-indulgent bliss! It is very much a period piece and product of its time; pretentious and dated, but all the better for that. … obscure psychedelia …“

Len (November 10th, 2011): “ … The lyrics are mostly generic trippy psych nonsense, but the music is invigoratingly original. Leading off with a soulful piano riff, the opening Images offers Byrdsy harmonies, pulsating bass and rippling guitar scales before switching into a baroque piano and trumpet waltz. …“ | http://therisingstorm.net/the-freeborne-peak-impressions/

The Freeborne “Peak Impressions” 1968
—> https://youtu.be/aBvikIOM2SM
—> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Freeborne
—> https://www.discogs.com/de/release/3700103-The-Freeborne-Peak-Impressions

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