[Sunbirds (1971)… ]

Klaus Weisse – drums
Fritz Pauer – keyboards
Philip Catherine – guitar
Ferdinand Povel – flute
Jimmy Woode – bass
Juan Romero – percussion

Sunbirds – Sunbirds (1971) | https://youtu.be/xEetxbk5DgM

APPS79: “ … Jazz/Fusion ensemble from Munich led by German drummer Klaus Weiss and Austrian pianist Fritz Pauer and found in 1971. When Pauer presented Weiss some new songs, the two of them gathered Belgian guitarist Philip Catherine, Dutch flutist Ferdinand Povel and American drummer Jimmy Woode and formed Sunbirds. The recordings of their debut took place at the Union Studios in Munich on 24th August 1971. … The style of Sunbirds was a cross between Electric Jazz and Psychedelic Kraut-Fusion with changing atmospheres and plenty of enjoyable rhythms and solos. …“ | http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=6088

Herbert Braun vor 4 Jahren “ … Reminds of Soft Machine with a touch of Krautrock.“

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