Schlagwort: Toby Dammit

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[Histoires extraordinaires: SPIRITS OF THE DEAD, Federico Fellini segment, „Toby Dammit“ (1968)] — Terence Stamp as a bored actor in Rome in the Toby Damnit episode | via

Erin (23. October 2017): “ … [Toby Dammit’s] ever-growing intoxication and mental and emotional instability are reflected by the film’s style. Fellini, speaking to writer Charlotte Chandler for her book I, Fellini, explained, “I consciously try to conceal the machinery of the film I am making. The spectator should not be conscious of my camera or my narrative techniques, unless I am making a film about making a film. So I ration obvious devices, like extreme close-ups or rapid cutting or odd camera angles. Style and technique are means to an end, not an end in themselves. In ‘Toby Dammit,’ however, I saw an opportunity to explore these devices more fully, apart from my feature films.” … Instead of bringing Toby’s world closer to real life, it adds an artificial quality that his black and white films don’t share. Everything is false — intentionally so. Even the pink and purple sky over the Colosseum seems as fake as the canned applause used in the television studio. …“ |

No One Here Gets Out Alive: Federico Fellini’s Toby Dammit (2007)
“ … In Fellini’s work we experience a world of faces, voices gestures, all moving in and out of the frame, all with their own unique characteristics. There seems to be no place in such a world for essences but only for the temporal confusion and the spatial mess of provisional truths. …“


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