Schlagwort: Guy Maddin

[The Green Fog (2017) … ]

The Green Fog is an experimental film (63 min) directed by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, and Galen Johnson that loosely revisits the plot of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Vertigo through a collage of found footage repurposed from old movies and television shows set in San Francisco. … | |

Movie Review – The Green Fog – Guy Maddin delivers an experimental feature that’s pure entertainment Clips from movies shot in San Francisco are edited into a reimagining of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. By J.R. Jones (2018)

[Zum Wahn der Liebe #74 … ]

Source: „Hospital Fragment“ An impressionistic series of images inspired by “Tales From the Gimli Hospital” (1988), Guy Maddin (1999) | Synopsis: The attempts of a young man (Neale) to consummate his love for a young woman (Heck) are thwarted by a fish monger (Fehr). The woman’s beloved (Gottli) cuts bark fish [Die Versuche eines jungen Mannes, seine Liebe zu einer jungen Frau zu auszuleben, werden von einem Fischhändler vereitelt. … ] | //