[Erich Mielke about Punks and Schihänts… ]

MfS Observation Video Clip with short speech from Erich Mielke about Punks, Schihänts and Heffi Mettels. The „feindlich – negativen Kräfte“ in the DDR. A Clash of Cultures and abstract Stasideutsch Poetic Art.


Man wollte schon ernst genommen werden von der Stasi. Das war wichtig, wenn man in einer Band gespielt hat. (Christian Lorenz)
LASER#17 – Zur Typologie verdeckter Operationen
=> :: [Gemüse-Stasi, Staatsschutz und Mono für alle!… ]


LASER#17 – Notizen zur Überwachung
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[Segregation of Reality… (Chicago, IVAW)]

Pictures and Text from „Operation First Casualty (OFC)“
by CIMC-MS (Chicago IMC, 19 Jun 2007)

[…] The IVAW [Iraq Veterans Against the War] patrol route started at Union Station and then went to Boeing, the Thompson Center, Daley Plaza, Chicago Board of Trade, Federal Plaza, Metropolitan Correctional Center, Water Tower, Michigan Avenue…

[Source: chicago.indymedia.org/feature/display/70314/index.php]


[Operation First Casualty, Chicago Independent TV]

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[Arthur Lipsett’s view… ]

[Picture from „Fluxes“ (1968, 24min)]

[…] Fluxes is Arthur Lipsett’s view of the human condition and the mixed-up planet where humans are found. As in his other films, Fluxes has a disconnected flow of images that, in their erratic way, build up into a cutting indictment of the world the way it is. The film’s only commentary consists of unrelated snatches of words and sounds.

=> ubu.com/film/lipsett_fluxes.html

==> ubu.com/film/lipsett.html


Arthur Lipsett (13 May 1936 – April 1986):

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[TV-Reporter Will Roczinski… (BRD, 1970)]

Die Delegation, Dokumentarismus – 20 Jahre vor „Akte X“

Will Roczinski – Aus den Trümmern seines Wagens rettet man Fotos, Tonbänder und elf Rollen Film – seine letzte Reportage.


[…] „Es gibt sie noch immer zu entdecken, die kleinen, rohen Diamanten des bundesrepublikanischen Kinos…“ Über „Die Delegation (Rainer Erler, BRD 1970)“ von thgroh | http://filmtagebuch.blogger.de/stories/485831/

(I)Die Delegation —> http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_Delegation
(II) —> https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainer_Erler

[…] Das Buch [Krieg der Welten] wurde am Abend vor Halloween am 30. Oktober 1938 von Orson Welles und dem Mercury Theatre als Hörspiel in Form einer fiktiven Reportage nach einer Adaption von Howard Koch inszeniert, das der amerikanische Radiosender CBS ausstrahlte. […] Das Hörspiel führte Zeitungsberichten zufolge zu heftigen Irritationen bei der Bevölkerung von New York und New Jersey, die teilweise das Hörspiel für eine authentische Reportage hielt und einen tatsächlichen Angriff Außerirdischer befürchteten. | http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krieg_der_Welten


// –> http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mockumentary

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[brainwashing… ]

[Picture from: „Brainwashing“, Video + Performance, 2006]

[…] In a world where a six-hour airplane plane flight can transplant a person into a completely alien world, cultural identity is retained through rituals surrounding clothing, language, and food. Having relocated from my native Venezuela to the United States as a teenager, I became aware of the layers of ‘skin’ that define and separate cultures – one’s own skin, the second skin of clothing, the shell of one’s dwelling place – all these protecting the vital space of one’s hidden identity. [from: „Statement“, by Saskia Jordá, (date (?))]

Saskia Jordá – born in Caracas, Venezuela
Lives and works in Arizona and New York City.
=> saskiajorda.com

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[Art of distrust… ]

[From „Carbomb III“ by Jonas Staal, 2007]

Everybody needs an enemy. I have found my own enemy in the so-called media. Enemies are exchangeable, but I have found a good opponent. In essence, I see the media as a portrait of myself, as an exaggerated version of my own need for order and my own need for an overall picture. The media and I are both desirous of order, in a world which is without order.

In a short time, the media have become experts in reducing complex world issues to a perfectly organised group of ‘hit’ items. This enables people to quickly gain insight into what is happening in the world; they can squeeze it in between a 9 to 5 job, a plate of meat, two veg and potatoes and the National Lottery show. These days, this is referred to the ‘free information market’. This is a market built on a sort of never-ending sale of wars, plane crashes, tsunamis, terrorist attacks and various forms of extremism; it’s almost a sort of public supermarket or a Top 40 ranking.

From: „THE ART OF DISTRUST“ by Jonas Staal by Daniel (2006)
Source: jonasstaal.nl/theartofdistrust.html


=> jonasstaal.nl

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[sex’n crime… ]

[CCTV image of Nicki Jex with a concealed sex toy]

[…] Nicki Jex concealed the Rampant Rabbit sex toy in a carrier bag and pretended it was a gun during the raid on the Ladbrokes shop in Leicester on December 27 last year.

[…] The surveillance camera recorded Jex striding into the shop brandishing the „firearm“ minutes before staff were due to close for the day.

Tim Palmer, prosecuting, told the court: „The defendant pointed the item in the carrier bag at the cashier. She immediately assumed it to be a firearm. In fact, what was contained within the carrier bag was the defendant’s girlfriend’s vibrator.“

The cashier retreated behind the counter and he turned the imitation weapon on the shop manager, demanding cash. She handed over £613 in till contents and other money, the court was told.

From: „Robber jailed for sex toy ‚armed‘ raid“ (20.08.2007, Guardian)
Source: guardian.co.uk/crime/article/0,,2152787,00.html

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