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[Bands, Musicians, Sounds ... ]
« on: August 06, 2008, 11:47:50 AM »
Akustische.Wellen @ [FRAKTAL.LOG]
Realitätstunnel | Daten Fraktale | Kodierungen


The Godfathers Of Groove Flipity Flop (Rueben Wilson, Bernard Purdie & Grant Green Jr)


Bob Dylan - Forever Young (Slow Version) 1974

Bob Dylan - The Man in Me (Audio) (This song should play in every bowling ally at least once a day.)

Bob Dylan - Lay, Lady, Lay (1969)

Bob Dylan - Simple Twist of Fate (Audio)


The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down

The Beatles - Sun King (1969)


You Can't Always Get What You Want (The Rolling Stones, 1969)


Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes

Walk On the Wild Side (Lou Reed, 1972)

Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side LIVE (NYC '72)

Lou Reed - Transformer


Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby (Official Audio)


Listen to the Lion (Van Morrison, 1972)

Van Morrison - It's all over now (baby blue)


James Marshall „Jimi“ Hendrix (* 27. November 1942 in Seattle, Washington; † 18. September 1970 in London) war ein US-amerikanischer Gitarrist, Komponist und Sänger. ...

Jimi Hendrix --- Voodoo Child, Live '69
An incredible live performance of Voodoo Child (Slight Return) by Jimmy and his band in Stockholm, 1969.

jimi hendrix-wind cries mary

Jimi Hendrix live Stockholm 1969

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze (Live at the Atlanta Pop Festival)

Jimi Hendrix being interviewed in England just seven days before his death .
September 11th 1970 ....

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Live In Maui, 1970)

Jimi Hendrix Documentary


People Are Strange · The Doors (1967)

The Doors - Riders on the Storm (1971)

The Doors - Indian Summer (1965)

Love Street

The End · The Doors


"Soul Sacrifice" - Santana Live at Woodstock in 1969 |


Banchee - Banchee 1969 [Full album]

cucù: psychedelich  prog obscure masterpiece ,...
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bands, musicians...
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2008, 06:30:55 PM »
Grateful Dead - Dark Star (Live at Fillmore East, February 13-14, 1970)

Grateful Dead - Dark Star 5/25/72 & 8/27/72 HQ

Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World

Morning Dew (Live at Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 5/8/77)


Carlos Santana - Samba Pa Ti

Carlos Santana - Caravanserai (Full Album) 1972
Caravanserai is the fourth studio album, released on October 11, 1972. The album marked a period of transition for Santana as it was the band's last to feature several key early members, while shifting in a more instrumental, progressive jazz fusion direction. ...


Cumbias Chichadélicas : Peruvian Psychedelic Chicha (Infopesa) Disco Completo / Full Album (2015)


Dirty Three is an Australian instrumental rock band ... which formed in 1992 ... Australian rock music historian Ian McFarlane compared the band to 1970s jazz rockers, MacKenzie Theory, writing that the group's "rumbling, dynamic sound incorporated open-ended, improvisational, electric rock ... minus the jazz-rock histrionics". In describing the group's sound, music journalists have mentioned ballads, folk, rock, classical, chamber music, free jazz and blues, Celtic music, other European folk styles and Indian raga.

Dirty Three - Ocean songs (1998)

1000 Miles

Distant Shore - Dirty Three live 1998

The Dirty Three - Sue's Last Ride [Live]
The Dirty Three performing "Sue's Last Ride" live at the Theatre Royal Castlemaine, March 18, 2012

The Dirty Three - Live at Castlemaine, or, Fuckin' Castlemaine Rock


Whitefield Brothers


Stanton Moore Trio - Pot Licker (Live on KEXP, 2010)
Stanton Moore Trio: Knocker (2010)


NIL MUSIC - Nil began making music in Amherst MA, early in 1998. They played roughly once per week, recording over 500 cassette tapes, until March, 2003, when 2 of the band members were destroyed by an exploding furnace. These are the tapes they made while they existed.


Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich - Beginning


Devil Music Ensemble is a multi-media experience, performing both composed and improvised scores to silent films....
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari : Devil Music Ensemble


Influenced by the works of musicians and composers ranging from J.S. Bach and Stravinsky to Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, Steve Binetti plays a varied repertoire of rock and roll and blues.
Fruen fra Havet/Frau vom Meer (v. Ibsen, Spielzeit 1994/1996 Volksbühne, Berlin. Regie: Frank Castorf)


MOVIE STAR JUNKIES: 'little boy'


Fritz Kreisler plays Kreisler "Liebesleid" in 1930 and 1942
Great violonist composer Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962) plays his own piece named "Liebesleid". This is two recordings with 12 years of interval.
Recorded 1) on 14th February 1930; Berlin, Beethovensaal (piano)
                   2) on 15th January 1942; Philadelphia in the Academy of Music (orchestra)

Kreisler: 2 hours - 38 short pieces

Fritz Kreisler (* 2. Februar 1875 in Wien; † 29. Jänner 1962 in New York) war ein austroamerikanischer Violinist und Komponist.



Xhol Caravan, seit 1970 nur Xhol, war eine Krautrock-Band aus Wiesbaden.
Die oft als „Pioniere des Krautrock“ bezeichnete Gruppe ist vor allem mit ihrer LP Electrip von 1969 bekannt geworden.
Xhol Caravan - Electrip (1969)[Full Album] |

Xhol Caravan - Motherfuckers GmbH & Co KG


Ozric Tentacles (Dance Of The Loomi)

Ozric Tentacles - Sliding Gliding Worlds (1988)

Die Ozric Tentacles sind eine englische Space Rock-Band mit starken Psychedelic Rock-Einflüssen. Sie gründeten sich 1984 in Somerset, England... |


TANGERINE DREAM - GERMAN TV compilation 1969/2005
Published on May 28, 2012
Bath Tube Session - 1969
Ossiach Lake - 1971
Ricochet - 1971
Ricochet - 1976
Barock - 1976
Barock - 1976
Madchen Auf Der Treppe - 1982
Jeanne D'arc - 2005

Tangerine Dream - Ricochet
1975 Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann

Tangerine Dream - Zeit (1972) FULL ALBUM

Tangerine Dream - Atem (Live-Auftritt im ORF, 1973)

Tangerine Dream - Live at Conventry Cathedral 1975 (1/2)


Klaus Schulze - Big In Japan (European Version)
A Crystal Poem and Sequencers are Beautiful.
Live in Tokio 2010 Full Concert.

Klaus Schulze - Just An Old Fashioned Schulze Track (Concert 1975)
Recorded live in 1975.
From Disc 48 of "The Ultimate Edition".


Brian Eno Thursday Afternoon (1985)

Brian Eno - Textures (Whole Album)
Textures is a 1989 album by the British musician Brian Eno consisting of edited and unedited ambient music, reserved only to film-makers, for licensing music in television programs and films. The album was not commercially released for the public. ...

Brian Eno - Making Space
Released in 2006 in collaboration with the Lumen London Gallery exhibit of 77 Million paintings, this is a compilation of previously recorded but unreleased tracks, some co-written by Leo Abrahams. All form a smooth, easy and quite spacey unit. Never officially released. ...

Eno is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer, and visual artist, known as one of the principal innovators of ambient music.


Harold Budd - The Pavilion of Dreams (Full Album) |

Harold Budd - Abandoned Cities (Abandoned Cities) Released: 1984

Harold Budd - As Long As I Can Hold My Breath (By Night)
From the album "Avalon Sutra / As Long As I Can Hold My Breath" (2004, Samadhi Sound)


Franco Tamponi - Acque Profonde (1973)


GIRAFFE is US American singer/ songwriter James Gardner.


Lilium - sleeping inside, Album "Transmission of all the good-byes"

Lilium - End of the Water Line


Ten Years After - I'd Love to Change the World (Stereo Quad Mix, 1971)

Ten Years After - Studio rehearsal in Germany, 1969

San Francisco, California = 1971= Ten Years After
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bands, musicians, sound...
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2009, 11:09:32 AM »
Franco Tamponi - Acque Profonde (1973)
Various – Ittiologia |


Jackie Mittoo - Drum Song (Full Album)

Jackie Mittoo - Macka Fat (Full Album)

Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors - Evening Time (Full Album)

Jackie Mittoo (* als Donat Ray Mittoo am 3. März 1948 in Browns Town, Saint Ann, Jamaika; † 16. Dezember 1990 in Toronto, Kanada) war ein jamaikanischer Keyboarder und Komponist. Er war eines der Gründungsmitglieder der Skatalites und ein Mentor vieler junger Musiker, in erster Linie durch seine Arbeit als Musikdirektor des Plattenlabels Studio One. ...


The Necks - Fatal (Chemist, 2006)

The Necks - Daylights (Mindset (2011))

The Necks - Hanging Gardens - del.1

The Necks - Hanging Gardens - del.2

The Necks - Silverwater (2009)

The Necks ist ein Ambient-Jazz-Trio aus Sydney in Australien. Die Musiker im Einzelnen sind Chris Abrahams (Klavier und Hammondorgel), Tony Buck (Schlagzeug) und Lloyd Swanton (E-Bass und Kontrabass). Die Band spielt längere improvisierte Stücke, die auf Motivwiederholungen und -entwicklungen aufbauen und diese in fast meditativer Weise improvisierend entwickeln. Die meisten ihrer Aufnahmen bestehen aus einem einzigen, etwa eine Stunde dauernden Track. ...


Gong are an international progressive rock band that incorporates elements of jazz and space rock into their musical style. The group was formed in Paris in 1967 by Australian musician Daevid Allen and English vocalist Gilli Smyth. ...

Gong - Camembert Electrique
Recorded and released in 1971

Gong Montserrat (1973)

Gong - Esnuria

Percolations Pt. 1 & 2 - Gong


"Heroes" ist eine LP von David Bowie, die 1977 erschien. Sie bildet zwischen Low und Lodger den Mittelteil von Bowies sogenannter „Berliner Trilogie“, die in Zusammenarbeit mit Brian Eno entstand. ...

David Bowie - Low
David Bowie nahm Low während des Jahres 1976 auf und lieferte die fertige Produktion rechtzeitig zum Weihnachtsverkauf bei der RCA ab. Die Plattenfirma war aber nach dem ersten Anhören so schockiert, dass sie die Veröffentlichung bis Januar 1977 hinauszögerte.[1] Dieses Album hat nichts mit dem großflächig soul- und disco-geprägten Vorgänger Station to Station gemeinsam, vielmehr sind Sound und Grundstimmung auf Low düster und introvertiert. Bowie und Eno bedienen sich experimenteller Klangerzeugungen und elektronischer Instrumente wie dem Minimoog. Zusätzlich sorgten ein extrem entfremdeter Schlagzeug-Sound und präparierte Gitarren für eine Originalität, weshalb Low als seiner Zeit voraus gilt. ...

David Bowie's rare video for Sense of Doubt, filmed in Hansa Studios, Berlin.

David Bowie - Hunky Dory (Full album)

David Bowie Art Decade

Low - David Bowie (Full Album)

David Bowie - Lodger (1979)

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs (1974)


U.F.O. - Ein Avantgarde-Jazz-Orchester aus dem Ruhrgebiet


Demdike Stare is the occult new project from Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty. Miles is probably better known as Modern Love's DJ MLZ or as 0.5 of Pendle Coven. Sean Canty is the dedicated digger behind the Haxan events and a member of the hugely respected Finders Keepers crew of vinyl vultures. Their collaborative project tracks the sonic leylines of cult soundtracks, Arabesque dubs and psychotomimetic ephemera ... | |

Canal dedicado a la difusión de la cultura rioplatense y universal: EL TANGO


Electric Moon - Inferno

Electric Moon sind eine psychedelische Krautrockband aus Hessen, die im Jahr 2009 gegründet wurde.


Open est un album solo de Steve Hillage paru en 1979. Genre: Rock psychédélique

Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Musick

Steve Hillage - Solar Musick Suite

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bands, musicians...
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2010, 01:59:45 PM »
Sunbirds - Sunbirds (1971) FULL ALBUM
Recorded 24 August 71 at Union Studios München, Germany.
Fritz Pauer used Hohner Electra-piano.
Klaus Weiss plays Slingerland drums and Avedis Zildjian Cymbals exclusively. |


Magma ist eine 1969 gegründete französische Progressive-Rock-Band. Die Band hat das Genre des Zeuhl begründet und trug viele Texte in der Kunstsprache Kobaïanisch vor. Diese Sprache wurde zudem zum wichtigen Stilmerkmal des Zeuhl. Die Musik von Magma wird von der Rhythmusgruppe um Christian Vander dominiert, die von E-Piano und Bläsern unterstützt wird. Im Laufe der Bandentwicklung blieb die Gruppe dieser Klangmischung treu, der Gesangspart entwickelte sich dabei immer mehr in Richtung ekstatischem, komplexem mehrstimmigen Chorgesang, so dass gleichzeitig bis zu sechs Sängerinnen und Sänger beteiligt waren. Die Besetzung der Band hat sich somit oft verändert. Praktisch auf jedem Album unterschied sich die Besetzung mehr oder weniger stark von der der vorherigen Veröffentlichung. Die einzigen personellen Konstanten waren und sind Stella (seit 1973) und Christian Vander, dessen Schlagzeugstil bis heute die meisten Stücke dominiert, der die meiste Musik komponiert hat und der auch häufig als Sänger in Erscheinung trat. Sein Schlagzeugspiel ist stark vom Jazz-Schlagzeuger Elvin Jones beeinflusst. Kennzeichnend für Magma wurden lange Kompositionen mit vertrackter Rhythmik, die den philosophischen und futuristischen Inhalt weniger mit Science-Fiction-Klängen, sondern mehr in theatralischer und emotionaler Form umsetzen.

Magma. Kohntarkosz. Utrecht. 21.11.2015

Magma Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh
Leverkusener Jazztage 1998.

MAGMA "live" 2010 by Bas Andriessen/ De Muzen RTV Nijmegen 1 uitz 9 juli 2010


The Fugs sind eine US-amerikanische Rockband, die Ende 1964 von Ed Sanders und Tuli Kupferberg in New York gegründet wurde. Der Name (deutsch: die Stubenhocker) stammt aus dem Roman Die Nackten und die Toten von Norman Mailer, wo er als Euphemismus  für den ähnlich klingenden Fluch benutzt wird.
Die Fugs waren eher ein satirisch-literarisches Rockkabarett. Mit ihren freizügigen Texten über Sex, Drogen und Politik beschrieben sie das Lebensgefühl der Hippies und parodierten das Establishment. Sie gelten als Vorläufer von Interpreten und Bands wie Frank Zappa und Velvet Underground sowie des Punk Rock. ... |

Fugs - I Couldn't Get High (NYC, 1965)

The Fugs - Turn On/Tune In/Drop Out


Punkbands setzen typischerweise auf die traditionelle Besetzung einer Rock-Band, bestehend aus einer oder zwei Gitarren, Bass, Schlagzeug und Gesang. Der Sound ist durch übersteuerte Gitarrenverstärker, hohe Tempi und eine raue, unmodulierte Gesangsstimme geprägt. ...

Artikel zur Musik Punk als auch zur Subkultur Punk |

Musikalisch entwickelte sich der Anarcho-Punk aus dem '77 Punk-Rock beziehungsweise dem Art-Punk, Bands wie Crass entwickelten sich von reinen Punk-Rock-Bands mit politischem Anspruch hin zu experimentellem Post-Punk, andere Bands wie Conflict begründeten den Hardcore-Punk mit, in dem eigene anarchistische Subgenres wie D-Beat (z.B. Discharge, The Varukers) und Crustcore (z.B. Amebix, Antisect, Sacrilege) entstanden. In den 80er Jahren entstand der Grindcore, zu dessen wichtigsten Bands u.a. Napalm Death und Extreme Noise Terror gehören. Einige Bands wie Chumbawamba entwickelten sich in Richtung Folk-Punk, während wieder andere wie Leftöver Crack sich dem Ska-Punk zuwandten. ...

"Top 10 Anarcho Bands" by Ian Glasper (2007)
After the farcical implosion of the Sex Pistols, punk rock had nowhere to go but deep underground, where it could lick its wounds and plan its next assault on the music industry. The Pistols tried to upset the status quo from within, but ended up a sorry parody of themselves, milking their anti-hero status until it became meaningless pantomime. The next wave of punk was harder, faster and far less inclined to flirt with major label parasites looking for the next sure sell, delivering an uncompromisingly political call to arms for the disenchanted youth of Britain… | |


"The Review: Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones – Parole de Navarre" Peter (Veröffentlicht am 7. November 2010)
Nicht nur lichtscheu, sondern auch so langsam, das man ihnen beim Gehen die Schuhe besohlen kann. Und lustig sind Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones auch nicht. Musik, entstanden im Kohlenkeller.  Improvisation-Gefummel a`la „Bohren & der Club of Gore“, „The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation“, Killimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble“ oder wie sich die autistischen Gestalten dort Unten so nennen. Dark, Ambient, Dark-Jazz, depressives Doom-Jazz Gemucke und Trip Hop Geknirpsel. Es gibt sogar den vollkommenm durchgeknallten Begriff „Funeral Jazz“. Neun von Zehn Erdenbürger werden sicher fragen: Was`n das für`n Scheiss?
Wohl wahr. Aber schöne Musik ist das dennoch. ...

Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictaphones - Parole de Navarre (2007) FULL ALBUM
0:00 - Ta grenier
4:12 - Une cellier
15:24 - La boudoir
19:48 - Aucun cave
26:42 - Ma dressing
34:18 - Ma couloir
39:06 - Sa vestibule
43:06 - Mon bibliothèque
54:36 - Elle corridor
59:12 - Lui hall

 Mike Stewie vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet)
Somebody help me! I'm trapped in in Twin Peaks and I can't get out!

 snow yellow vor 1 Jahr
mellow yellow super nice


Don Drummond - Jazz Ska Attack 1964 (Full Album)

Don Drummond -- best of -- full album -- Studio 1 records (1968)

Don Drummond - Greatest Hits (Full Album)




Derrick Harriott - Rocksteady 1965 - 1968 - Pt.1
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bands, musicians...
« Reply #4 on: August 12, 2010, 11:40:28 PM »
Ian Carr's Nucleus ‎– Roots (1973)

Nucleus = Elastic Rock - 1970 - ( Full album) + (Bonus)

Nucleus - Under The Sun (1974)

Nucleus – We'll Talk About It Later (1971)
Genre: Jazz, Rock,  Stil: Fusion, Jazz-Funk, Jazz-Rock, Prog Rock


Idris Muhammad - Piece Of Mind - 1974
From "Power of Soul" album (Kudu, 1974)


Keith Fullerton Whitman -- Twin Guitar Rhodes Viola Drone (For Lamonte Young)

Keith Fullerton Whitman (born May 29, 1973) is an American electronic musician who has recorded albums influenced by many genres, including ambient music, drill and bass, and krautrock. ...




Holy Wave - Relax (Full Album) [released March 30, 2018]

Relax by HOLY WAVE
ags: psychedelic pop rock rock & roll Austin

Holy Wave - Albuquerque Freakout


The band is known for its heavy use of effects, including voice effects, especially reverb, and mixes the sound of the Californian rock of the late '60's, with psychedelia creating what they call 'Beach Goth'. ... |

The Growlers - Hot Tropics (Full Album)

The Growlers Collection (For Your Summer Vacation)

The Growlers - Chinese Fountain (Full Album)

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bands, musicians...
« Reply #5 on: October 14, 2010, 03:28:05 PM »

Captain Bee Fart - Playlists


Naxatras - Naxatras (2015) (Full Album)
Naxatras is a hard psychedelic rock band from Greece. They have been playing together for three years developing their sound. This year sees the release of their first LP. Naxatras recorded the album live 100% analog at Magnetic Fidelity Studios with a guy named Jesus. Only analog equipment was used during the recording, mixing and mastering stages. Naxatras recorded the album at a small village in northern Greece in just 3 days.

Thessaloniki, Greece


Black Market Karma

Black Market Karma - Plastic Hippie (Full Album)


Bad Liquor Pond was a psychedelic rock band based in Baltimore, Maryland. formed in 2006

Bad Liquor Pond - The Year of the Clam (Full Album)


The Sound Defects - The Iron Horse

The Sound Defects ‎– The Iron Horse
Label: Tone Def Systems ‎– TDS1002
Land: US, Veröffentlicht: 18 Nov 2008
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Funk / Soul
Stil: Hip Hop, Instrumental, Breaks, Funk
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bands, musicians...
« Reply #6 on: October 23, 2010, 02:11:34 PM »
Steely Dan ist eine 1972 von Walter Becker und Donald Fagen in Los Angeles gegründete Band, die in den 1970er Jahren mit der Veröffentlichung von sieben Studioalben ihre größten Erfolge hatte. ... Der Gitarrist Dean Parks bezeichnete in der Fernsehserie Classic Albums den Produktionsstil des Albums Aja von Steely Dan als „one step beyond perfection“: Man arrangiert einen Titel bis zur absoluten Perfektion, um ihn dann nochmals zur Gänze von vorne einzuspielen, um es ein wenig aufzulockern („to loosen it up a little bit“). Es kam nicht selten vor, dass Gastmusiker, auch aufgrund der oft harten Kritik von Becker und Fagen, entnervt das Studio verließen. Sämtliche Steely-Dan-Alben von 1972 bis 1980 wurden gemeinsam mit dem Produzenten Gary Katz produziert. ... |

Steely Dan - Greatest Hits (full album; playlist)

Steely Dan live at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA 1993

Steely Dan @ Sony Music Center, NYC - Band & Crew Rehearsal

Steely Dan Can’t Buy a Thrill (1972) |

Pretzel Logic (1974)
Pretzel (Brezel) ist ein im Englischen geläufiger Germanismus |

Steely Dan - Reelin' in the Years (Old Grey Whistle Test)


Brainticket - 1971 - Cottonwood Hill [Full Album] (Wer jemals auf Acid war, weiss...)
- Ron Bryer / guitar
- Werner Fröhlich / bass
- Helmuth Kolbe / keyboards
- Cosimo Lampis / drums
- Dawn Muir / vocals
- Wolfgang Paap / percussion
- Werni Prahlach / bass
- Joel Vandroogenbroeck / keyboards, flute, vocals


Crank was founded at the end of 2007, in Perpignan (France) by members of Hair & The Iotas, Sonic Chicken 4, The Liminanas and Jack Of Heart.
Together, they deliver a brand of garage rock that takes its roots in 60’s psychedelia while remaining resolutely receptive to current influences.


SBB - Ze Słowem Biegne Do Ciebie,  Poland, Veröffentlicht: 1977

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bands, musicians...
« Reply #7 on: January 06, 2011, 01:23:15 AM »
Samsara Blues Experiment - Long Distance Trip (Full album)


CRANIUM PIE evolved gradually as a psychedelic progressive quintet since 2006, from the darkest subterranean caverns of Wiltshire, in the South West of England. They have released several singles via UK independent labels Fruits De Mer and Bracken, as well as appearing upon various compilations, including the first two "Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble" LPs, compiled by Amorphous Androgynous. ...


The C.A. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell (1968)
This is awsome! Would like it on vinyl. Interesting weird psychdelic shit maan!


A Psychedelic Reprise Of The Days Of The 13th Floor Elevators (40min Documentary)


Fifty Foot Hose is a psychedelic rock band that formed in San Francisco in the late 1960s, and reformed in the 1990s. They were one of the first bands to fuse rock and experimental music. Like a few other acts of the time (most notably the United States of America), they consciously tried to combine the contemporary sounds of rock with electronic instruments and avant-garde compositional ideas. ...

Fifty Foot Hose-Cauldron 1968. [FULL ALBUM]



Piero Umiliani: Coast To Coast, from The Album “To-Day’s Sound” (1971)
Originally released in 1971 (LRS 0053-0054, Liuto Edizioni Musicali – Roma)

… Wie viele seiner Kollegen komponierte Umiliani in den 1960ern und 1970ern meist Filmmusiken zu Exploitation-Filmen, vor allem für Italowestern, Agentenfilme, Giallo und Sexfilme. Obwohl er nie so berühmt wurde wie seine Kollegen Ennio Morricone oder Riz Ortolani, ist doch sein stilbildender Anteil an der Entwicklung des typisch europäischen jazzigen Soundtrack der 60er/70er Jahre nicht zu unterschätzen. … |

Piero Umiliani - Risaie (1971)

Piero Umiliani ‎- Psichedelica (1971) FULL ALBUM


Neu! - Neu! (1971)

Neu! is the debut album by German krautrock band Neu!!_%28album%29!

Neu! war eine deutsche Krautrock-Band der 1970er-Jahre und wurde 1971 von Michael Rother und Klaus Dinger in Düsseldorf gegründet.!


Affinity-Affinity 1970 [FULL ALBUM]
- Linda Hoyle - vocals
- Lynton Naiff - piano, electric piano, harpsichord, vibraphone
- Mike Jopp - electric, acoustic and 12-string guitars
- Mo Foster - electric and double bass
- Grant Serpell - drums, percussion

Affinity war eine britische Jazzrock-Band, die von 1968 bis 1971 aktiv war.


Fields - Fields 1971


Dedalus - Dedalus (Full Album) 1973

Dedalus was an Italian jazz-rock group formed in the early seventies by Fiorenzo Michele Bonansone (keyboards, cello, vocals), Marco Di Castri (guitar, sax), Furio Di Castri (bass) and Enrico Grosso (drums). Their eponymous first album Dedalus was released in 1973. A year after Furio left the group in 1974, a second, more experimental album, Materiale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico was released. A third album was recorded but has never been released. ...
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bands, musicians...
« Reply #8 on: February 07, 2013, 08:56:40 PM »
Gypsy (US) - Gypsy 1970 Full Album
01. Gypsy Queen Part One 00-4:22
02. Gypsy Queen Part Two 4:22-6:48
03. Man Of Reason 6:48-9:51



The Greg Foat Group
London, United Kingdom

The Greg Foat Group - Dark Is The Sun (Harpsichord Waltz)


The Rude Mechanical Orchestra is a 30-odd-piece New York City radical marching band and dance troupe. Through our music and performance, we strive to support people and communities working for social justice. We play protests, demonstrations, direct actions, picket lines, marches, benefits and events for good causes. We function as a democratic collective through consensus-based decision-making and we do not discriminate on the basis of musical ability. We formed in the spring of 2004 for the March for Women’s Lives in Washington, D.C. and solidified to support people protesting the Republican National Convention in New York. We were a motley mix of rusty players that hadn’t picked up a horn since high school and longtime street bandistas on leave from Hungry March Band or the Infernal Noise Brigade, blowing sour notes at the invading greedheads and serenading the rabble.

Since then, we’ve tripled our numbers and made strides in our sound, but we remain a band of mostly amateurs rediscovering and reinterpreting the music we played as pimply adolescent band geeks. (Our dance troupe, Tactical Spectacle, is another story. They’re professionals.) Over nearly four years, we have, regrettably, played more antiwar marches than we can count. We’ve played protesting union-busters and tip-garnishers, gentrifiers and privatizers, xenophobes, homophobes, and a host of other big uglies. We’ve worked with groups like Time’s Up, the Restaurant Opportunity Center of New York, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and the War Resisters League. We’ve played community events around town and beyond, like the Queens Pride Parade, the Mermaid Parade, the East Village Roving Garden Party, Philadelphia’s Spiral Q Peoplehood Parade, and Boston’s Honk Festival.

Our repertoire includes a mix of folk songs from cultures spanning the globe, as well as some more contemporary numbers and a bunch of originals. A typical set might include a spritz of klezmer, some Balkan and Brazilian notes, plenty of funk, some Latin beats, a little jazz and a Le Tigre cover, all of it served up with a patina of punk. We don’t do Sousa marches, though we love his phone. We typically turn out anywhere from 10-25 performers to a show, though we’ve been known to swell suddenly and without warning into The Green Monster, a billowing cloud of brass, ‘tude and glitter, according to some occult confluence of the tides and the stars. ...


Wanuyeta - Iron City - 1971-78 - Germany
Symphonic Prog - Krautrock
1. Lindis Farne (live 1971) 00:00
2. Wish I were Happy (1974) 08:44
3. You've Really Got it Fixed (1974) 21:29
4. Iron City (1974) 32:00
5. Look at the People (1974) 43:23
6. Alone (1978) 55:42
7. Valley of Unrest (1978) 01:01:42
While Waniyetula still remain a well-hidden secret of the 70's German Kraut-Rock scene with only one official album during their existence, their history is definitely long and worth-mentioning.They came from Frankfurt-am-Main and evolved from the Beat group The Empty C in 1969 originally as a trio of Heinz Kühne (guitar, vocals), Hermann Beckert (bass) and Thomas Goerdten (drums).As with Fashion Pink/Brainstorm their full story of the early years were well documented by Garden of Delights in 2006 in a CD release entitled ''Iron City''.
In 1971 the trio had a good live activity and the track ''Lindis Farne'', which opens the album, is a good proof of their very early sound.This is typical but quite cliche instrumental Hard/Psych/Kraut Rock with jamming and improvisation elements, based on Kühne's long and repetitive guitar sections and a psychedelic rhythm section with little imagination.
By 1974 the band featured two more members, singer/acoustic guitarist Richard Kersten and keyboardist Norbert Abels.The addition of Kersten, which became also the band's main composer, resulted to a change of name, now Wanyietula were Galaxy, and musical direction.This period is represented with four long tracks, between 10 and 13 minutes, where keyboards and melody play also a significant role in Wanyietula's sound.Their style now was somewhere between ELOY, NEKTAR and MESSAGE, sounding more like an English than a German band.Nice psychedelic guitars are blended with expressive vocals and interesting moog solos to result an approach with elements from both Psychedelic Rock and 70's Classic Prog styles.Instrumental parts are still a great part of the band's music with a bit loose arrangements.
As Galaxy they released only one album (shortly after which Kersten left the band) and then the crew switched the name back to the original Wanyietula.However the band never returned to the early Wanyietula style, on the opposite we are talking about 1978 here and the second Wanyietula formation had fully transmitted into a late-70's Symphonic Rock band.Two tracks from this period are great examples of this fact.Very close to the likes of ANYONE'S DAUGHER or AMENOPHIS, Wanyietula's music was now very refined with emotional arrangements full of interesting guitar melodies and synth explorations, while the band used the multi-vocal harmonies and distorted vocal lines more and more.The presence of the some piano inteludes is also another new enrty, yet the sound remained fairly progressive and quite adventurous.
This album holds both significant historical and musical interest.A rather unknown band is fully presented here from their very early stage and sound to its transformation into a Melodic Prog act, most of the tracks are satisfying and there is also a very nice booklet with the history of the band along with rare photos of the members, making ''Iron city'' at least a recommended purchase, especially for fans of non-standard German Kraut/Prog with a flexible sound. (progarchives reveiw psarros )


Orange Peel - 1972 [Full Album]
1. You Can't Change Them All 00:00:00
2. Faces That I Used To Know 00:18:15
3. Tobacco Road 00:21:27
4. We Still Try To Change 00:28:43

German band from Hanau, existed from 1968 to 1971 and released one 45 and one album.
They still reunite for single gigs in their hometown Hanau.
Members were:
H. Peter Bischof - vocals, percussion
Leslie Link - guitar, effects
Heini Mohn - bass

RANGE PEEL - Orange Peel - CD 1972 Digipack CMP


Ash Ra Tempel - Schwingungen 1972 Full Album
01. Light:Look At Your Sun 00:6:34
02. Darkness:Flowers Must Die 6:34-18:58
03. Suche Und Liebe 18:58-38:25

Ash Ra - New Age Of Earth (Full Album) 1976


Deru ‎– 1979

Deru - 1979 (Full Album)
00:00 1979
04:52 Let The Silence Float
09:34 Addictive Yearning
13:21 Three Cheers For Existence
18:39 Drink It In
22:50 Pathologically Bored
26:45 Black Beach (Tape Version)
31:44 The Future Never Comes
36:32 Midnight In The Garden With Ghosts

 Wellington Amancio vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)
Perfect music for brushing teeth, sweep the yard, cutting the nails, look at the dust specks in the window, see a perpendicular ray of sunshine cross our room, you know. I love this album. Indeed hearing this album turn up my mind in a galaxy of Impressionist reflections.

 Lightenupandshoot Mikey vor 1 Monat
it's like a fresh can of beans...

 SUN WARRIOR vor 3 Wochen
Such wonderful music to paint to and to contemplate on the magical complexities of the universe!

 Niall Mackenzie vor 4 Tagen
I love listening to this while drinking warm milk, wow!!!

 Wellington Amancio vor 1 Woche
Once More: Perfect song to make the reading of subjective forms of clouds, and follow up with devoted eyes the grooves of the stems of the trees; to read the writing its complex of interlocking branches, enjoy the colors of the decomposition of light into droplets of water in the garden; eat slowly and gradually amber sap of ancient trees; to feel strongly smelling of damp earth of an ancestral forest and to percept the steps of the animals from the deep past. The numinous; the humus, telluric sound from organic sensibility.


The Zombies (Debut Album 1965)

The Zombies - Odessey And Oracle (1968)

The Zombies - Begin Here (full album)


Day Blindness - S/T (1969) (Studio 10 vinyl) (FULL LP)
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bands, musicians...
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Friday, October 18, 2013
Farm - Farm (1971) review

Farm 1971 (FULL ALBUM) [Psychedelic Blues-Rock]

Farm - Farm 1971 (Full Album High Sound Quality)


The Greatest Show On Earth - Horizons (1970) (Full Album) |


Amon Düül II - Tanz Der Lemminge

Amon Duul II - Phallus Dei (1969)

Amon Düül II - Yeti (1970)

Amon Düül II - Wolf City (1972)

Amon Duul 2 - The Best Of 1969-1974




Listening - Listening (1968)
US Psychedelic Rock Band from Boston, active in the late 1960's. (PSYCHEDELIC ROCK) |


GURU GURU - Ufo 1970 [Full Album ]

Guru Guru bezeichneten sich selbst nie als Krautrock-Band, obwohl sie zu dessen Protagonisten gerechnet werden. In ihrem Selbstverständnis zählen sie sich von jeher zum musikalischen Underground. Amon Düül, Can und Xhol Caravan gehörten zu ihren Freunden, mit denen sie Sessions machten. Auf Guru-Guru-LPs sind darüber hinaus Musiker von Kraan, Karthago und Cluster zu hören.
In den späten 1960ern und frühen 1970ern waren ihre Auftritte stark politisch geprägt. Sie veranstalteten Konzerte zusammen mit dem Sozialistischen Deutschen Studentenbund, verlasen zwischen ihren Musikstücken politische Texte und spielten auch gelegentlich in Gefängnissen. Guru Guru zählten sich politisch zu den Unabhängigen. Ihre Liveshows galten (und gelten) als extravagant und anarchisch, die Besetzung der Band wechselte häufig, man lebte zeitweise kommunenartig in dem Dorf Langenthal und Finkenbach im Odenwald zusammen und experimentierte mit halluzinogenen Drogen (eines ihrer Stücke heißt bezeichnenderweise Der LSD-Marsch).


Pyramid - Pyramid 1975 (FULL ALBUM) [KrautRock]
KrautRock 1975 Germany
01. Dawn Defender
The mystery band of the Pyramid label, the eponymous 1 track album would seem to be what Toby Robinson told me was their attempt at a Cosmic Jokers type album. "Dawn Defender" is quite obviously mixed from many different sessions, and runs a wide range of styles, from trippy Ash Ra Tempel with echo guitars and scintillating synthesizers through to headfirst plunges into Hawkwind overdrive territory. The feel is much like what Porcupine Tree and Electric Orange have attempted more recently, that is except for the authentic Mellotron textures and old analogue delay techniques. In all, an excellent album of spacey Krautrock.


Jesus rock pioneers the Wilson McKinley are a fascinating footnote in the annals of psychedelia -- minor legends in their native Pacific Northwest, they are generally considered the first secular band to forsake the ample pleasures of the flesh in favor of forging lives and music devoted to spreading the Christian gospel.

Wilson McKinley Interview with Mike Messer (Wednesday, July 6, 2011)
Spirit Of Elijah was another project with no producer and was done in a hurried fashion in an all night recording in a small livingroom of a very small house we used for rehearsal called the "House Of David."

Wilson McKinley - Spirit Of Elijah 1971 (FULL ALBUM) [Psychedelic Rock]
Psychedelic Rock 1971 USA
01. We
02. It's Up To You
03. Come On Home
04. One In The Spirit
05. Tree Of Life
06. His Eye Is On Th Sparrow
07. All My Life
08. Crown Of Glory
09. In Need A Saviour
10. Spirit Of Elijah
*Don Larson: ocals, bass
*Mike Messer: vocals, guitar
*Tom Slipp: drums
*Randy Wilcox: vocals, guitar
*Jim Barlett: vocals, bass

 Davide888 vor 1 Monat
Christian Psychedelic. That's different.


Causa Sui - Euporie Tide (2013)

Causa Sui full set at Dunajam 2014  (Denmark)

Causa Sui consists of Jakob Skøtt, Jonas Munk, Rasmus Rasmussen and Jess Kahr


Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Things May Come and Things May Go (...) (Full Album 1970)

PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO! - Thousands On A Raft [full album]
Artist: Pete Brown & Piblokto!
Album: "Thousands On A Raft" 1970
Genre: Progressive Rock

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bands, musicians...
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"Blue Mitchell Graffiti Blues" (1973)
01 "Graffiti Blues" (Blue Mitchell) - 00:00
02 "Yeah Ya Right" (Herman Riley) - 07:18
03 "Express" (Blue Mitchell) - 12:47
04 "Asso-Kam" (Joe Sample) - 17:53
05 "Dorado" (Joe Sample) - 25:16
06 "Alone Again (Naturally)" (Gilbert O'Sullivan) - Bonus track on CD reissue 34:15
07 "Where It's At" (David Matthews) - Bonus track on CD reissue 37:37
08 "Funky Walk" (David Matthews) - Bonus track on CD reissue 41:08
09 "Blue Funk" (David Matthews) - Bonus track on CD reissue 45:41
Blue Mitchell - trumpet
Don Bailey - harmonica
Herman Riley - flute, tenor saxophone
Freddy Robinson - guitar
Joe Sample - piano, electric piano
Darrell Clayborn - electric bass
Raymond Pounds - drums


Ahoj! (Aguirre) ....


King Crimson - Live - Music Hall , Boston , Massachussets . April 23 , 1974

21st Century Schizoid Band (KING CRIMSON Alumnus) - Full Concert - Live in Tokyo 2002

Crimson Jazz Trio Full Album

Crimson Jazz Trio Volume 2 Full Album

King Crimson - I Talk To The Wind - BBC session (1969)

King Crimson - Starless
Starless by King Crimson. Another taster from the new King Crimson album - "Radical Action to Unseat the Hold of Monkey Mind".
The box set was recorded live–mostly in Takamatsu, Japan on 19 December 2015–with songs taken from other shows in order to represent every song played during the group's 2015 tours of Japan, Canada and France. The material performed is mostly from the 1969–1974 period, and most of it was not performed live since the 1970s, although the songs were rearranged to suit the current line-up. |


Islas resonantes, Eliane Radigue
akvavitten vor 7 Monaten
Exceptional! From a time when ambient was still ambient.

Éliane Radigue (* 24. Januar 1932 in Quartier des Halles, Paris) ist eine zeitgenössische französische Komponistin und eine Wegbereiterin der elektronischen Musik. ...


Sergei Djokanov - The Green Desert (FULL ALBUM, electronic / ambient, 1985, Bulgaria)


Musical Offering (FULL ALBUM, rare soviet electronic music, 1971, USSR)


Philippe Guerre - Cristal (1979)


Terry Riley - Persian Surgery Dervishes
Performance two was recorded in Paris, France at Théâtre de la Musique on 24 May 1972.
[Composition & Improvisation], Organ [Electric], Tape [Feedback] -- Terry Riley
Liner Notes -- Daniel Caux


Luigi Nono: La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura (1988-1989)

Luigi Nono (* 29. Januar 1924 in Venedig; † 8. Mai 1990 ebenda) war ein italienischer Komponist. ...


Arktau Eos || Cove of the Seven-Winged
Formed in early 2005, Arktau Eos are a Finnish ritual/dark ambient duo


Dielo - Dielo (FULL ALBUM, funk / folk / psychedelic, 1975, Georgia, USSR)


Melodiya Ensemble - Labyrinth (soviet jazz-funk, FULL ALBUM, 1974, Russia, USSR)


David Darling - Darkwood (1995)

Dark Wood is a solo album by cellist David Darling recorded in 1993

David Darling (born March 3, 1941) is an American cellist and composer. ...
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bands, musicians...
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Linn County - Proud Flesh Soothseer (Full Stereo Album) (1968)
Stephen Miller: Organ, Vocals
Fred Walk: Guitar, Electric Sitar
Dino Long: Bass guitar
Larry Easter: Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Jerry 'Snake' McAndrew: Percussion


Dear Mr. Fantasy (Traffic, 1968)


Frumpy - How The Gypsy Was Born

Frumpy ist eine Hamburger Rockband, die von 1969 bis 1972 existierte...


The Machine - Drie (2010) (Full Album)
Dutch Psychedeliacs The Machine


Almost Cut My Hair (Complete Record, 1970)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young |

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Almost Cut My Hair (Extended Version)

Crosby Stills & Nash - 1969 - Crosby Stills & Nash

Crosby Stills Nash & Young - 1970 - Deja Vu


Neil Young - On the Beach (1974)
Drums: Ben Keith
Piano: Graham Nash
Guitar, Producer: Neil Young
Lead  Vocals: Neil Young
Drums: Ralph Molina
Bass  Guitar: Tim Drummond
Writer: Neil Young

Cortez the Killer (1975)
Bass, Vocals: Billy Talbot
Masterer: Chris Bellman
Producer: David Briggs
Rhythm  Guitar: Frank Sampedro
Lead  Guitar: Neil Young
Producer: Neil Young
Lead  Vocals: Neil Young
Drums, Vocals: Ralph Molina
Writer: Neil Young

Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (FULL ALBUM, 1969) |


Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Second Wind ( Full Album ) 1972

Brian Auger - Listen Here

Brian Auger & Billy Cobham - Electric Man - KILLER fusion

From Klaus Doldinger "Doldinger Jubilee Concert" (Germany, 1975).
Brian Auger always has that "killer instinct" happening when he rips a solo. He makes the B-3 scream. ...

Alexis Korner - Handmade (Mit Klaus Doldinger's Passport)

Brian Auger - Freedom Jazz Dance "LIVE" (1971)
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bands, musicians...
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An eclectic selection of tracks from the 60s and early 70s (made by DJ Bubbling a.k.a. Eduardo) for your listening pleasure!
Instro , Deep Funk , Hammond , Organ , 1968 , 60s ...

60s Funk ...


Smoke - Everything (1973) [ Space-Age, Fusion, Easy]


Booker T and The Mgs - Green Onions (Alternate Version Live in Norway, Date ?)

Booker T. & The Mg's  Melting Pot (1971, Full Abum)

The Best of Booker T. & the M.G.'s


Respect My Fist (Berlin, Germany)
feminist (punk) music (Keifender Punk und blutiger Pop. Brrrüllende Hetero_Liebeskritik und schrammelnder Widerstand gegen Zwei_Geschlechternormen. Respect My Fist ist ein feministisches Bandkollektiv aus Berlin – und sie sind wütend_überzeugt_radikal_tanzbar!) |


Serge Gainsbourg - Intoxicated Man (1962?)



Julius Brockington - Forty Nine Reasons (1973)

andreas schneider4 months ago:  Smooth psychedelic!


NEKTAR Journey To The Centre Of The Eye 1971

Nektar - A Tab In The Ocean (1972) (Full Album)

Nektar - Remember The Future 1973 - Full Album - Digitally Remastered 2002

Nektar - Sounds Like This (1973)

Nektar - Desolation Valley / Waves - Live 1973 (BBC The Old Grey Whistle Test) Remastered

Die Rockband Nektar wurde 1969 von den Briten Roye Albrighton (* 6. Februar 1949; † 26. Juli 2016, Lead-Gesang, Gitarre), Allan „Taff“ Freeman (* 7. Juni 1945, Keyboards), Ron Howden (* 5. Januar 1945, Schlagzeug) und Derek „Mo“ Moore (* 27. März 1946, Bass) zusammen mit Mick Brockett (* 23. Dezember 1947, Lichteffekte) in Hamburg gegründet. Stilistisch anfangs im Schnittbereich zwischen dem aufkeimenden Progressive Rock und dem abflauenden Psychedelic Rock beheimatet, wandte man sich auf den späteren Alben zum simpler gestrickten Hard Rock hin. ...


Focus Live & Rare Broadcasts Vaults '70 '76 Digitally Remastered

Focus - Hamburger Concerto (Complete) Live, 1975 (Remastered)
Thijs van Leer -- keyboards, organ, flute, piano, vocals
Jan Akkerman -- guitar
Bert Ruiter -- bass guitar
Colin Allen -- drums

Focus at Rainbow Old Grey Whistle Test 1973

Focus ist eine niederländische Progressive-Rock-Band. ... Obwohl die Musiker in Interviews ihre Stücke oft als Späße oder banale Einfälle darstellten, wird deutlich, dass sich die Musik von Focus sowohl hinsichtlich Virtuosität (zum Beispiel wurde 1973 Jan Akkerman vom Melody Maker als weltbester Gitarrist gekürt) als auch kompositorisch auf sehr hohem Niveau abspielte. Die Rockmusik von Focus wurde mit verschiedensten Stilrichtungen angereichert. Die Herkunft vom Jazz und die klassische Ausbildung der Musiker tritt in vielen Stücken zu Tage. Die Musik ist voll von Versatzstücken, Zitaten und Bearbeitungen klassischer Komponisten wie Joseph Haydn, Johannes Brahms und Béla Bartók. Man findet Anspielungen auf den gregorianischen Gesang, Volksmusik und Barockmusik bis hin zum Funk oder fernöstlicher Musik. ...


Open Road - Windy Daze 1971 (FULL ALBUM) [Psychedelic Rock | Proto-prog]

VARIATIONS271 year ago
Ex Donovan Band ! ! !


Cruciferius! - A Nice Way Of Life 1970 (FULL ALBUM) [Proto-prog | Jazz-Rock]


Kaleidon - Free Love 1973 (FULL ALBUM) [Progressive Rock | Jazz Rock]


Baby Grandmothers - 1967 - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out


Can [kæn] ist eine 1968 als Inner Space in Köln gegründete avantgardistische Band, die keinem homogenen Musikstil zuzuordnen war und es ablehnte, als Rockband bezeichnet zu werden. Vielmehr bewegte sie sich zwischen Free Jazz, Avantgarde-Jazz und innovativen Krautrock- und Psychedelic-Rock-Elementen. ... Can setzten in ihrer Spielweise, der Art des Zusammenspiels und in der Produktionsmethode experimentelle Akzente, die von der konventionellen Rockmusik deutlich abwichen. Repetitive Passagen, starke improvisatorische, in den Jazz-Rock und Free-Jazz hineinreichende Passagen wurden zu ihrem Markenzeichen. Can war weder eine kommerzielle Rockband noch eine dem Mainstream der Rockmusik zuzuordnende Formation. Der Musikstil der Band passte nicht in das Vermarktungsschema der meisten Plattenfirmen, so dass es der Gruppe anfangs schwerfiel, eine Plattenfirma zu finden. ...

Can - Tago Mago [ FULL ALBUM ] *HQ
Tago Mago is the third album by the German krautrock band Can. It was the band's second studio album and the first to feature Kenji "Damo" Suzuki after their previous vocalist, Malcolm Mooney, quit the band in 1970 to return to the United States.

Can - Mother Sky (1970) [HQ]

Can: Ege Bamyasi (Full Album)
Enjoy this amazing piece of music from 1972.

Can - Don't Say No (Performed live, 1977)

Can - Lyon, France (17 Jan 1976)

Can - The Peel Sessions (Full)


Pulsar - The Strands Of Future [France, 1976] [FULL ALBUM]

emdotambient6 months ago
I don't know how I missed this band back in the day. I'm hearing shades of Camel, Bo Hansson, Heldon, King Crimson, Nektar, Sensation's Fix ... pretty much all the stuff I was into when this album came out.

Gilbert Gandil, Jacques Roman und Victor Bosch kannten sich bereits seit Ende der 1960er, als sie in einem Jugendclub zum Spielen von Rhythm-and-Blues-Coverversionen zusammenfanden. Der Besuch eines Konzertes von Pink Floyd sollte jedoch ihre musikalische Ausrichtung nachhaltig beeinflussen. Anfang der 1970er Jahre gründeten sie mit Philippe Roman Pulsar, Roland Richard stieß 1974 dazu, im Jahr darauf erschien ihr Debütalbum Pollen beim britischen Label Kingdom Records. Obwohl Pulsar oft mit Pink Floyd verglichen wurden, zeigte ihr symphonischer Progressive Rock durch Einflüsse aus Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock und Krautrock eine gewisse Eigenständigkeit. ...
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bands, musicians...
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Nicolas Vallet (1583-after 1642) Lute Works, Paul O'Dette


Agitation Free - First Communication
At The Cliffs Of River Rhine 1998 Album

Agitation Free - In The Silence Of The Morning Sunrise
taken from the live album At The Cliffs Of River Rhine (Live 74')

Agitation Free - Laila pt. 1 & 2

Agitation Free - Second (1973) (Full Album)

Agitation Free - Rare Live Footage - ORTF (1973)
Agitation Free playing live in Paris ORTF Studio - 1973 for the show Rock En Stock ! Featuring Burghard Rausch (drums) Jörg "Joshi" Schwenke (guitar) Lutz "Lüül" Ulbrich (guitar) Dietmar Burmeister (percussion) Michael "Fame" Günther (Bass) Michael "Höni" Hoenig (synth)

Agitation Free ist eine deutsche Progressive/Krautrockband aus Berlin.

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bands, musicians...
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Robohands - Green [Full Album], released May 23, 2018
Andy Baxter: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synths
Jo Hunter: Tenor Saxophone on 2 tracks
Francesca Uberti: Vocals on 1 track
Peter Milanovic: Various Bass and Woodwind on 2 tracks |

Steven Wilson - Luminol (2012, Genre: Progressive Rock/Artrock)
- Guthrie Govan / lead guitar
- Nick Beggs / bass guitar
- Marco Minnemann / drums
- Adam Holzman / keyboards
- Theo Travis / saxophone, flute
- Steven Wilson / vocals, guitars, keyboards.

Steven Wilson-The Holy Drinker


Papa M- Live From a Shark Cage (1999- Full Album)

Papa M ‎– Live From A Shark Cage
Released: 25 Oct 1999 , Genre: Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Style: Downtempo, Folk

Aerial M (1997) |

Papa M - Turn! Turn! Turn!

David Pajo (born June 25, 1968) is an American alternative rock musician. He has played a wide variety of music, loosely fitting into several other genres such as hardcore punk, math rock, post-rock, electronica, folk rock and indie pop. Though a multi-instrumentalist (including guitar, bass guitar, banjo and drums), he is best known for his guitar work.

Matt Elliott - Drinking Songs (2004)


Electronic System - Skylab - 1974

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bands, musicians...
« Reply #15 on: March 08, 2017, 09:30:23 AM »
Alexander Scriabin - Piano Concerto in F sharp minor, Op. 20
Composer: Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin (6 January 1872 -- 27 April 1915)

Peter Green - In The Skies (1979)

Peter Green`s Fleetwood Mac Albatross (1969) |

Fleetwood Mac Albatross live 1969.10.09 Pop & Blues Festival '69 Essen Germany

Fleetwood Mac - Dragonfly (1971)

Fleetwood Mac - Albatross (extended version) By Chris Coco

Autechre: An English electronic music duo formed in 1987 in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, UK by Rob Brown and Sean Booth.

Autechre - Garbage (1995)

The rhythm is almost like a samba. A robotic, slightly self-aware and self-mocking samba.


Nino Nardini - Morning Dew (Nature - Nocturne,  France Released: 1976) |

Bedhead (Bedhead: 1992​-​1998)

Dmitri Shostakovich The Jazz album

John Abercrombie - Structures (Full Album) |

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bands, musicians...
« Reply #16 on: November 16, 2017, 10:06:10 AM »
Mузыка 30-40-х годов. (Tango)


Die Firma (DDR BAND) - An solchen Tagen - 16

Die Firma wurde im Jahr 1983 zunächst unter dem Namen Firma Trötsch bzw. Tanzkapelle Wandlitz in Ost-Berlin von Frank Trötsch Tröger gegründet und nach kurzer Zeit in Die Firma – ein DDR-Pseudonym für die Stasi – umbenannt. Die Gruppe existierte bis 1993.


Pearls Before Swine - Surrealist Waltz

Pearls Before Swine - Another Time (1967)

Pearls Before Swine (Abk.: PBS; deutsch: Perlen vor die Säue) war eine US-amerikanische Folk-Rock-Band, die dem Psychedelic Folk bzw. Acid-Folk zugerechnet wird. Die Band wurde 1965 von Tom Rapp gegründet, der das einzige ständige Mitglied der Gruppe war und ab 1972 eine Solokarriere begann. Zwischen 1967 und 1971 veröffentlichte die Band sechs Alben.


Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Passing the Petal 2 You

Scared Famous · Ariel Pink

Ariel Pink – "Dayzed Inn Daydreams"

Drugdealer - Easy to Forget (feat. Ariel Pink) (Official Video)

Ariel Pink - Put Your Number In My Phone

Ariel Pink (* 24. Juni 1978 in Los Angeles; bürgerlicher Name Ariel Marcus Rosenberg) ist ein Musiker, der dem New Weird America zugeordnet wird. Charakteristisch für seine Musik ist der auf allen Alben konsequent durchgehaltene Lo-Fi-Sound sowie selbstironische, oft bizarr anmutende Texte.

Unter dem Begriff New Weird America (in etwa: Das neue sonderbare Amerika) versteht man eine musikalische und populärkulturelle Bewegung seit den späten 1990er Jahren, deren stilistischer Schwerpunkt im Weird- oder Psychedelic Folk liegt. Geprägt wurde der Begriff 2003 von dem schottischen Musikjournalisten David Keenan im Rahmen eines Berichtes über das Brattleboro Free Folk Festival in Vermont.

Psychedelic Folk oder Psych Folk ist ein Musikstil, der 1967 stilbildend von der Incredible String Band begründet und maßgeblich geprägt wurde.
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bands, musicians...
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Boogaloo Joe Jones ♠ Psychedelic Jazz Guitar ♠ 1967 Full Album LP


The Travel Agency - The Travel Agency (1968) [ Psychedelic/ Pop Rock ] San Francisco, California United States


Blue Effect - Nová Syntéza (FULL ALBUM, jazz-rock/psych big band, Czechoslovakia, 1971)


Gabor Szabo (1969)

Gabor Szabo - Thirteen  (1972)

Gábor Szabó - Mizrab (full, 1972)

Gabor Szabo - Summer Breeze

Gabor Szabo - Dreams (1968) [full album]

Gábor Szabó - Small World (1972) [Full Album]

Gabor Szabo - Femme Fatale (1979)

The World Is A Ghetto by War (1972) |
Track 5. Title track from the album 'The World Is A Ghetto'


Niagara ‎– S.U.B. (1972)
A legendary bit of heavy funk from Germany – served up by a cool combo led by drummer Klaus Weiss! The lineup here includes fuzzy guitar, electric piano, and lots of heavy percussion – all served up in a way that's jamming, but a lot more straightforwardly funky than some of the group's contemporaries on the European scene! |


frog child


Focus - Focus (Instrumental)
Taken from the album In And Out Of Focus. | Gründung 1969

Focus III · Focus |


Gétatchèw Mèkurya - Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 5 (1972) FULL ALBUM

Kandahar - Long Live The Sliced Ham (1974) Full Album
Belgian prog rock from Ghent. Released on the band's own Dwarf Records in 1974.

Golden Earring's Eight Miles High (1969) album.  |

Golden Earring - Golden Earring 1970 (full album)

Blue Mountain Eagle - Blue Mountain Eagle 1970 (full album)

60s-70s Japanese Instrumental Cinema Funk Breaks

Road - Road (1972) [Full Album] 🇺🇸 Heavy Psychedelic Rock/Space Rock
Noel Redding – bass, vocals Rod Richards – guitar, vocals Leslie Sampson – drums, vocals

#29 - Piero Piccioni - IL Disprezzo (1963) FULL ALBUM

“Moon Gas” (Usa, 1963) de Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo (space age pop)

L'Armée des ombres est un film franco-italien de Jean-Pierre Melville, sorti en 1969 et adapté du roman du même nom de Joseph Kessel, écrit en 1943.
Bande Originale - Eric Demarsan |

Le Cercle Rouge (1970) Bande Originale - Eric Demarsan & Inédits Michel Legrand

Piero Piccioni ‎– La Fuga

Dando Shaft: Anthology first 3 albums (1970-72) full albums
Dando Shaft are a late 60''s acid folk band from the UK with some incredible imagination and lovely musical sensibility. Anthology is just a collection of their first 3 albums I believe they are in the correct track order and its just 1,2,3 the albums are: An Evening With Dando Shaft (Young Blood, 1970) |


Neon Pearl - Neon Pearl 1967 (FULL ALBUM) [Psychedelic Rock]

The Frost - 1970 - Through The Eyes Of Love (FULL ALBUM) [Psychedelic Rock, Garage]


Suuk - 1976 (FULL ALBUM, psychedelic rock / prog, Estonia, USSR, 1976)

QuasarBarkas: Strange to think that the first 7 tracks were recorded in a bus
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bands, musicians...
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Black Market Karma - Plastic Hippie (Full Album)
This is Black Market Karma's seventh album and was released on March 25, 2016

The Black Angels - Directions to see a Ghost (Full Album)


Francisco Tárrega - Variaciones sobre "El Carnaval de Venecia" de Paganini
Francisco de Asís Tárrega y Eixea (21 November 1852 - 15 December 1909) was an influential Spanish composer and guitarist of the Romantic period.

Andres Segovia Capricho Diabolico, Op.85
 Andrés Segovia was born on February 21, 1893 in Linares, Spain. Almost entirely self-taught, he made his debut in Granada in 1909 and by the 1920s was touring internationally; he continued to perform into his 90s. He was the most important force in making the guitar a concert instrument. Segovia died in 1987. Almost entirely self-taught, he made his debut in Grenada in 1909 and by the 1920s was touring internationally; he continued to perform into his 90s. He was by far the most important force in making the guitar a concert instrument. He commissioned works by Manuel de Falla, Albert Roussel, and Heitor Villa-Lobos, and he arranged music ranging from the Renaissance to the 19th century for solo guitar.

I Fold - Sharon Van Etten |

Yussef Kamaal - Calligraphy // Brownswood Basement Session (29.12.2016)
The Brownswood signees play a live session in the basement following their killer debut 'Black Focus', released November 4th.

 yeri shin vor 1 Jahr Killa drums

Kak - Kak Ola (1969) Full Album |

KOKOROKO - ABUSEY JUNCTION // We Out Here (03.01.2018)
A primer on London’s bright-burning young jazz scene, this new compilation brings together a collection of some of its sharpest talents. A set of nine newly-recorded tracks, We Out Here captures a moment where genre markers matter less than raw, focused energy. Surveying the album’s running order, it could easily serve as a name-checking exercise for some of London’s most-tipped and hardworking bands of the past couple of years. Recorded across three long, fruitful days in a North West London studio, the results speak for themselves: they’re a window into the wide-eyed future of London’s musical underground. |


VULFPECK /// Welcome to Vulf Records

VULFPECK /// Dean Town (11.10.2016 veröffentlicht)

VULFPECK /// Fugue State

VULFPECK /// Outro

VULFPECK /// Beastly

VULFPECK /// Adrienne & Adrianne

VULFPECK /// The Speedwalker

VULFPECK /// El Chepe

VULFPECK /// Newsbeat

// Recordings are done live with real instruments,
// and very seldom are different takes cut and mixed.
// Occasionally tape recording is used for effect.

ELP - Full Concert - Live in Zurich 1970 - Remastered (Belgium Pop Shop) + Bonus Track*
Emerson, Lake & Palmer

O.P.M.C. - Amalgamation 1970 (FULL ALBUM) [Progressive Rock - Psychedelic-blues]

Tommy Guerrero - Perpetual [Full Album]  (2015)

Tommy Guerrero - Road to Knowhere [Full Album] (2018)

Camel - Lunar Sea (Live)
From the live DVD Moondances - Camel Live 1976-1977

Bernard Purdie – Shaft (Full Album) 1972

Paulinho Nogueira ‎– A nova bossa é violão (1964)

Paulinho Nogueira ‎– O Fino Do Violão Vol. 2
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Bands, Musicians, Sounds ...
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Saturn Archives 土星のアーカイブ
Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft (1971)

Sonny Boy Williamson - Help Me
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails - 1969 Full Album
Joe Farrell – Penny Arcade 1974
Recorded at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, October 1973 |

Joe Farrell, Canned Funk 1974 (vinyl record)
Jimmy Herring Band -- Matt's Funk
The Jimmy Herring Band plays Matt (Slocum)'s Funk at The Miraverse, Pittsboro NC, 8/18/2012

Snarky Puppy - Bad Kids to the Back (Official Video, 2019?)
Help - Help (1971) [Psychedelic Rock | |

It's a Beautiful Day - It's a Beautiful Day 1969 (full album) |
- |

black midi at Flesh & Bone Studios (live, 2018)
Elias Rahbani - Dance of Maria (1974)

Spin - Spin (1976)

Kevin Morby - Harlem River |

F. J. McMahon ‎– Spirit Of The Golden Juice (1969, full album)


Skinshape - After Midnight (2018)

Skinshape - Rubber Gloves (2015 ) | |

Skinshape - Filoxiny [Full Album]

Skinshape - Skinshape LP [Full Album]

Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (Fairport Convention,1969)

Caravan - Can't Be Long Now - Francoise - for Richard - Warlock
The World Is Yours -- The Anthology 1968-1976

Nine Feet Underground - Caravan 1971

Camel - Camel (Full Album 1973)

Hatfield and the North - Live at Rainbow Theatre, 1975

Kollektiv ‎– Kollektiv (1973)

Shaolin Afronauts – Flight Of The Ancient (2011 - Album)

Gary Chandler – Outlook (1972 - Album)

Robohands - Shapes [Full Album]


Billy Nomates - Hippy Elite




Alpha – Pepper
Trip Hop, Downtempo (1998)


Camel - The Snow Goose 1975 Full Vinyl |


Allah-Las - 'Allah-Las' LP (Full Album Stream)

Khruangbin @ Villain | Pitchfork Live (2018)
Khruangbin plays a set accompanied by Drippy Eye Projections for Pitchfork Live.


Skinshape | Best of |


Som Nosso de Cada Dia - Snegs (1974)
Snegs é o primeiro disco da banda paulista de rock progressivo Som Nosso de Cada Dia, formada nos anos 70, a banda é considerada um dos clássicos do rock brasileiro com este disco. Como curiosidade, temos o fato da banda ter aberto o show do Alice Cooper no Maracanãzinho. ...


Mac Demarco - Salad Days (Full album) |
DeMarco kombiniert Einflüsse aus Indie-Rock, Lo-Fi, Dream Pop und Psychedelic Folk. Sein eigensinniger Musikstil lässt sich oftmals schwer in ein bestimmtes Genre einordnen. So wurde seine Musik beispielsweise schon als „Blue Wave“, „Slacker Rock“ oder von DeMarco selbst als „Jizz Jazz“ beschrieben. Zu seinen Vorbildern gehören unter anderem Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Jonathan Richman und Shuggie Otis. ...

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