Author Topic: Selbstbau Projkte (DIY)...  (Read 8776 times)


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Selbstbau Projkte (DIY)...
« on: August 12, 2008, 01:07:59 PM »
Dangerous Prototypes | A new open source hardware project every month

SolderSmoke Daily News
Serving the worldwide community of radio-electronic homebrewers. Providing blog support to the SolderSmoke podcast.

Hack a Day


We learn, share, and make things

DIY, Electronics, IT, Gadgets

Elektronik, Mikrocontroller, Röhre, Forum, Platinen, Schaltungen

Rickard's electronic projects page

Ein Mikrofon Vorverstaerker
Eine von Knolles "ELEKTRONIK BASTELN" Seiten

Homebrew CPU

Eigenbau eines 12-Bit A/D-Wandlers

Data Pod by Samir Lohani
A pluggable serial EEPROM based secondary storage for use with PCs and microcomputer boards

28F010 Flash Device
Using a 28F010 Flash Device by Pete McCollum

Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC)
How to build one in your basement

Printed Circuit Boards for the Masses
Creating PCB's at home has always been a hassle...

Drive independent activity LED's
This guide will show how to make a separate LED to show exactly which drive in your system is active.

Southern Cross1 (+ 2)
Z80 based Single Board Computer System which has been designed to teach beginning students modern code development techniques....

LED matrix clock
Drive an LED matrix from a PC. The clock uses 3 B64CDM8/B48CDM8 8x8 5mm LED Matrix modules from Nexus Machines...

DiscoLitez is a Winamp plugin that allows you to control lighting equipment from your computer....

Control stepping motor via USB interface
This is an example that demonstration how to control some devices via USB interface.The PC software program with delphi....

DIY Lab Power Supply
How to Convert a Computer ATX Power Supply to a Lab Power Supply

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Selbstbau Projkte (DIY)...
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2011, 10:50:03 AM »
How-To Guides - How To Solder
This guide contains a 7 min. overview video followed by in depth discussion of picking out the right tools (how much wattage & temperature is needed? what type of solder? flux?), proper technique, and loads of hi-res, close up shots of good and bad joints


Welcome to my site. My name is Chris, but go by Akiba on this blog. I am living in Tokyo with my wife and my dog. I’m a hopeless geek that makes frequent trips to Akihabara (a.k.a. Electric City) to check out the latest components and surplus at the plethora of stores there. Akiba is actually my wife's maiden name but also Japanese slang for Akihabara.

I'm fascinated by all things electronic, but mostly about the potential for wireless and wireless sensor networks to make huge changes in how everyday things are done. I'm also very interested in open source software, open source hardware, and the recent phenomenon of micro-manufacturing. I believe that these days, individuals are able to design, manufacture, and sell things that are very innovative, but large corporations would never even touch. This is because of the proliferation of things like open source hardware, software, cheap(er) tools, and vast amounts of technical information are right at everybody's fingertips. This site is dedicated to wireless sensor networks and the open source software, hardware, and information to build those networks. Enjoy :)


Making a digital capacitance meter using microcontroller


IC reverse engineering
Integrated circuit reverse engineering musings. As I try different things, a brain dump of what went well and what didn't.

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