[Super 8: An Illustrated History … ]

” … Super 8: An Illustrated History is a coffee table art book showcasing the history of Super 8 filmmaking.  In addition to featuring stunning photography documenting the sleek mid-century design of Super 8 cameras and projectors, the book will be filled with vintage advertisements and eye-catching illustrations from Super 8’s heyday. Super 8: An Illustrated History also offers up a detailed history of this beloved film medium. … Super 8 also features interviews from filmmakers who got their start in Super 8 and individuals who were instrumental in the development of the medium. …” | https://www.dannyplotnick.com/super8-illustrated-history
// Danny Plotnick, Super 8: An Illustrated History (Englisch) 160 Seiten, Verlag: RARE BIRD BOOKS (25. Juni 2020), Sprache: Englisch ISBN-10: 1644280329, ISBN-13: 978-1644280324

” … Danny Plotnick is an American independent filmmaker. In addition to making over 20 films, … Much of his work in the 1980s and 1990s was produced on Super 8 mm film. …” | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Plotnick

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