[Editing table (INTERCINE one)… ]

16mm / 35mm editing table INTERCINE one, build in Milano.

Visual Note via filmlabs.org Mailinglist (28.06.21, 18:38)

2 comments on [Editing table (INTERCINE one)… ]

  1. I need manual of Intercine moviola model 813SbP, in particular diagram of motor controller refer electronics!
    I hope this manual in pdf to my work.
    Many thanks!

    Taglar Dudus- São Paulo-Osasco-Brasil

  2. Hi,
    I’m looking for spare bulbs for the same model of 16mm/35mm Intercine flatbed editor. Could you please tell the model/power of the halogen lamp needed, if you have the information? It’d be useful. Also looking for an extra earthenware lamp holder, just in case… Thanks in advance. Cheers, Bertrand

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