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atari ...
« on: August 22, 2008, 12:58:53 PM »
1972 gründeten Nolan Bushnell und Ted Dabney in Kalifornien die Firma Atari...

Die deutschsprachige Community für ATARI Homecomputer

A forum about Atari 16/32 computers and their clones

Atari IDE disk interface
This interface will allow to connect IDE hard disks, CD ROM drives and other Atapi compatible devices to an Atari ST(E) computer.

Atari to SCART cable
Atari monitor contact cable

The Atari Hardware Hack Page by Vezz

The Atari pages
Atari hard disk driver...

Atari Coldfire Project
Our aim is to build a new Atari-clone based on Motorola Coldfire processors and make it available to the public at the lowest possible price

Atari-Forum ( /

Tracker Heaven  
When you start to explore the world of Atari ST music and try to create music, tracking tools are essential...

Nachschlagewerk bzw. Anleitung zum TOS

eh-systems (Elmar Hilgart)
Hard- und Software Projekte fuer Atari Computer (EtherNet Adapter)

Atari Forum
Hier kann man rund um den Atari diskutieren.

MiNT is Not Toy!
MiNT is Now Tos !

Mr. Atari

Der Atari ST
Der Atari ST war ein Heimcomputer von Atari aus dem Jahr 1985...

Steem is a Freeware Atari STE emulator
for Windows and Linux. It is being updated regularly and runs almost every ST program ever made without any problems.

ATARI Handbuecher
Here is the current list of manuals- if you have a missing manual, please contact us!

Atari iratA
On this site you will find info about Atari computers and the modern operating system FreeMiNT that can be installed on them.

What is TOS?
Many people have asked me that question.

Reparaturen und Erweiterungen (Atari ST / E, TT, Falcon)
Your SOURCE for Atari 16/32

Atari Rebirth (Forum)
[nachmoderiertes Forum]

Atari ST YM2149 chip tracker

Tims Atari MIDI World
MIDI and the World of Atari Computers

Die MIDI-Schnittstellen  
ST-Magazin 10/89: Aller Anfang ist leicht

Software for Atari and Compatibles

ST-Computer, Atari Inside...
Computer Magazin Archiv: ST-Computer, Atari Inside, Happy Computer …

Elektronic Cow
Friesian splattered audio and MIDI software

Notator SL User Group
Notator SL is a MIDI sequencer/score program for the Atari ST line of computers.

immer up-to-date

Here i will gather news and info about YM2149 and related stuff.

Dead Hackers Society
Atari Demoscene

The goal with HighWire is to create a mature web browser for Atari and compatible setups.

The Atari Times

Peter Denk

Ein Einblick in die Geschichte Atari's

APE Home Page
PC to Atari interface cable...

Atari 2600 - 400/800/XL Products
Have You Played Atari Today?

Atari Homebrew Materials
Pixels Past provides a wide variety of products and materials to enable today's homebrew programmers...

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atari ...
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Pixels Past Circuit Boards
Pixels Past PCBs are custom printed circuit boards for the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit computer, and ColecoVision consoles that allow hobbyists to build their own homebrew video game cartridges.


The Last Word
80-Column A8 Word Processor

Atari 8-bit fans have long hankered after a GUI similar to GEOS on the Commodore 64. Diamond GOS went some way to addressing this deficiency, and since then there have been several creditable attempts at implementing a GUI OS on the A8. Now there’s another one in the pipeline: an as yet unnamed project which aims to bring a pre-emptive multi-tasking graphical operating system to the 8-bit Atari. ...

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