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Synth and Sound-tech (Blogs etc.)...
« on: August 06, 2008, 12:00:35 PM »
120 Years of Electronic Music* is a project that outlines and explores the history and development of electronic musical instruments from around 1880 onwards. This project defines ‘Electronic Musical Instrument’ as an instruments that generate sounds from a purely electronic source rather than electro-mechanically or electro-acoustically (However the boundaries of this definition do become blurred with, say, Tone Wheel Generators and tape manipulation of the Musique Concrète era). – Synthesizer-Forum


I modified the cv out by adding a transistor, so that the cv out works more like a resistor and not like a real CV. The inspiration came from....

Matrixsynth (Blog)
everything synth

Hi. This is We love synthesizers. Especially odd ones. Send suggestions to us. Love.

stuff about things
Chiptune in the Early Twenty-First Century

Electronic Audio, Guitar Effects Projects, Schematics, Projects, Technical Articles, and...

A community for musicians and visual artists using digital technology

Maschinenkultur (Blog)

Daisy (A DIY MP3 Player)
Make the Daisy mp3 player. All the source files, hex files, EAGLE cad files, and documents are here....

Hersteller von elektronischen Musikinstrumenten

Synthesizerstudio Bonn
Stuff und Geschichten um das Synthesizerstudio Bonn

9090 :: Drum Synthesiser
The 9090 is an analogue drum machine based upon the legendary Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer

The OPLx Page
This page mainly focuses on programming the Yamaha OPL2, OPL3 FM sythesizer chips available on most PC sound cards.

Programming the AdLib/Sound Blaster FM Music Chips

Skrasoft Dev Blog
Interactive Hardware/Software Music Projects

Space Station (Sound Sampler)
a memory resident, software driven virtual sampler for Windows 95/98 or DOS 5 (!) and greater...

Programming the YMF 262/OPL3
Programmer's Guide to Yamaha YMF 262/OPL3 FM Music Synthesizer

AdLib sound card on a parallel port
AdLib sound cards were one of the first sound cards to be produced for IBM compatibles personal computers....

Vintage Synth Explorer
source of reviews, images, sound bytes and links for over 500 popular vintage synthesizers and samplers...

Adlib-DigiSnap is a device that is capable of recording Adlib (OPL2/YM3812) digitally. Want to build one? Now you can!

Balanced audio inputs and outputs
Balanced connections in an audio system are designed to reject both external noise, from power wiring etc, and also internal crosstalk from adacent signal cables....
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MIDI, synth and sound-tech
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2008, 12:02:59 PM »
Music From Outer Space
Synth - Read reviews & articles

Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument (Reviews : Keyboard workstation)

Foldback's Hammond and Leslie Pages
Captain Foldback: "This site is made to aid other Hammond and Leslie enthusiasts around the world as well as providing amusement and knowledge"

Mystery Circuits
Electronic Sound Gizmos by Mike Walters

The Experimentalists Anonymous

The Sound Lab Mini-Synth
"synth-diy project that is drawing accolades from newbies and veterans alike"... free loops,samples,sounds download site...

Synthwire (Blog)
Feed the wire on everything synth

Mellotron 400
A keyboard instrument manufatured in the 60s and 70s that uses pre-recorded tape as it´s soundsource.

Info about the Yamaha CX5M music computer

Burnkit 2600
Employing only circuit bent instruments, Burnkit2600’s mission is to use their rewired devices to make rhythms and melodies, says Uliasz, and not only free-form noise....

Sound Blaster Series
Hardware Programming Guide

Wissenswertes zur Frequenzmodulation

bendwiki (circuit bending)
This space is being offered as a central location to exchange circuit bending how-to information. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

A Theory of Circuitbend
Circuit-bending is an electronic art which implements creative audio short-circuiting.

Elektronische Musik und Interaktivität:
Prinzipien, Konzepte, Anwendungen (von jörg piringer; 2001; Diplomarbeit; pdf; 119 Seiten)

Pure Data
PD (aka Pure Data) is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing...

Elektronische Musik in allen Formen + die Instrumente:

FM Synthesis
What is FM?...

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MIDI, synth and sound-tech...
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2008, 12:20:49 PM »
hatlog / by Robert van Heumen - electronic musician and composer
Sounds, Events, Bio and Links


Owner's club of Soviet rarities

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MIDI, synth and sound-tech...
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2009, 01:09:06 PM »
Novachord Restoration Project:
The first commercially available synthesizer was designed by the Hammond Organ Company in 1938 and put into full production from 1938 to 1942. The Novachord is a gargantuan, all tube, 72 note polyphonic synthesizer with oscillators, filters, VCAs, envelope generators and even frequency dividers.
If you are skeptical about the Novachord being a true synthesizer, check out the sound clips near the bottom of the page.
I bought my Hammond Novachord around 10/2004 in Connecticut. After chatting with the few brave souls who tried to repair these beasts, I soon realized that replacement of all the passive components was necessary for reliable and stable operation of any Novachord. However, the sheer number of components and it's complexity, make properly restoring a Novachord a Herculean task.

Novachord use in movies and TV:

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MIDI, synth and sound-tech...
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2010, 01:04:19 PM »
Das Roland-Museum ist eine Privat-Initiative, um den Erfindungsreichtum des innovativen japanischen Herstellers zu dokumentieren. Die Dokmentation umfasst dabei nicht nur die Beschreibung von Artikeln, sondern auch den reellen Besitz der Geräte. Das Roland-Museum muss sich allerdings bei der Anschaffung auf eine Auswahl an Geräten beschränken, und setzt die Schwerpunkte auf Roland-Effektgeräte, Sampler, Rhythmusgeräte und natürlich Synthesizer. Diese Einschränkung gilt aber nur für den Besitz der Geräte. Bei den Auflistungen werden tunlichst alle je hergestellten Roland-Geräte erwähnt.


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MIDI, synth and sound-tech...
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2010, 12:59:01 PM »

The AVR SYNTH is a monophonic "virtual analog" synth based, originally, on the Atmel AT90S8535 microcontroller and was designed by Jarek Ziembicki. His aim was to check to see if a simple micro could be used for sound synthesis purposes. And the result? The AT90S8535 managed to do all the tasks: front panel switches and pots services, receiving and processing MIDI messages, and sound generation! - The synthesis architecture is simple: two DCO's, a DCF, and a DCA. There is also an LFO and an AR/ASR envelope generator.


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MIDI, synth and sound-tech...
« Reply #6 on: March 02, 2010, 12:30:57 PM »
Soundcards Museum
If you think Creative Labs invented everything, don't know there's something else than Sound Blaster or just want to learn about the PC soundcards history, this page was made just for you!


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CMOS Synthesizers...
« Reply #7 on: April 11, 2010, 02:28:37 PM »
CMOS Synthesizers - Building Tone Generators from CMOS Logic


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MIDI, synth and sound-tech...
« Reply #8 on: May 17, 2010, 12:06:41 PM »
Welcome to !

Index of /docs/Manuals
[DIR] ARP/                       22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Akai/                      22-Jan-2010 20:49    -  
[DIR] Alesis/                    22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Analogue Solutions/        22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Analogue Systems/          22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Behringer/                 22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Boss/                      22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Buchla/                    22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[   ] CEM3310_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:23  220K  
[   ] CEM3312_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:23  212K  
[   ] CEM3320_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:24  220K  
[   ] CEM3328_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:24  187K  
[   ] CEM3330_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:24  222K  
[   ] CEM3340_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:24  219K  
[   ] CEM3350_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:24  221K  
[   ] CEM3360_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:25  184K  
[   ] CEM3365_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:27   24K  
[   ] CEM3371_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:25  210K  
[   ] CEM3372_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:25  216K  
[   ] CEM3374_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:25  222K  
[   ] CEM3378_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:27   50K  
[   ] CEM3381_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:26  177K  
[   ] CEM3389_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:27   37K  
[   ] CEM3391_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:25  250K  
[   ] CEM3396_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:26  640K  
[   ] CEM5508_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:27  181K  
[   ] CEM5530_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:27  139K  
[DIR] Casio/                     22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Clavia/                    22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Crumar/                    22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Cwejman/                   22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Digisound/                 22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Doepfer/                   22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] E-mu/                      22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] EML/                       22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] EMS/                       22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[   ] EMSSynthiAKSSvc.pdf        12-Apr-2010 08:40  7.5M  
[DIR] Echo/                      22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Electrix/                  22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Elektron/                  22-Jan-2010 20:50    -  
[DIR] Elka/                      22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] Encore Electronics/        22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] Ensoniq/                   22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[   ] FDD Repair(TEAC).pdf       25-May-2009 21:02  153K  
[   ] FDD_repair.pdf             02-Jul-2009 11:28   26K  
[DIR] Fairlight/                 22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] Fostex/                    20-Mar-2010 10:27    -  
[DIR] Frostwave/                 22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] Future Retro/              22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] Gator/                     22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] Jen/                       22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] Jomox/                     22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] Kenton/                    22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] Korg/                      20-Mar-2010 10:32    -  
[DIR] Kurzweil/                  22-Jan-2010 20:51    -  
[DIR] Lexicon/                   22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] Linn/                      04-Mar-2010 18:31    -  
[DIR] M-Audio/                   22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] MAM/                       22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] MFB-Fricke/                22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] MPC Electronics/           22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] Mackie/                    22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] Manikin Electronic/        22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] Mattel/                    22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] Maxon-Ibanez/              22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] Misc/                      20-Mar-2010 10:40    -  
[DIR] Moog/                      20-Mar-2010 10:45    -  
[DIR] Musitronics/               22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] Novation/                  20-Mar-2010 10:24    -  
[DIR] Oberheim/                  22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[   ] OberheimDXSchematics.pdf   14-May-2010 07:35  739K  
[   ] OberheimM6Service.pdf      16-Apr-2010 20:50  2.0M  
[   ] OberheimMatrix6Service.pdf 16-Apr-2010 20:50  2.4M  
[DIR] Octave/                    22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] PPG/                       22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Pearl/                     22-Jan-2010 20:52    -  
[DIR] Phonic/                    22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Quasimidi/                 20-Mar-2010 10:18    -  
[   ] Rebis.pdf                  12-Nov-2009 18:23  2.3M  
[DIR] Rhodes/                    22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Roland/                    20-Mar-2010 10:38    -  
[   ] RolandSH7Service.pdf       14-May-2010 07:35  6.7M  
[   ] SCIMaxMidiGuide.pdf        12-Apr-2010 08:40  7.4M  
[   ] SCIMaxOps.pdf              12-Apr-2010 08:40  4.1M  
[   ] SCIMultiTrakOps.pdf        12-Apr-2010 08:41  8.6M  
[   ] SSM2013_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:19  142K  
[   ] SSM2014_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:20  334K  
[   ] SSM2015_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:21  225K  
[   ] SSM2020_datasheet.pdf      12-Jan-2010 15:31  246K  
[   ] SSM2024_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:22  161K  
[   ] SSM2030_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:18  1.8M  
[   ] SSM2033_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:17  296K  
[   ] SSM2040_datasheet.pdf      08-Jan-2010 00:43  256K  
[   ] SSM2044_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:22  127K  
[   ] SSM2045_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:22  278K  
[   ] SSM2047_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:22  161K  
[   ] SSM2120_datasheet.pdf      05-Nov-2009 09:21  277K  
[DIR] Sequential/                22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Sequentrix/                22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Siel/                      22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Simmons/                   20-Mar-2010 10:43    -  
[DIR] Sony/                      22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Soundcraft/                22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Spectral Audio/            22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Star Instruments/          22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Steiner Parker/            22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] TC Electronic/             22-Jan-2010 20:54    -  
[DIR] Tama/                      22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Tascam/                    22-Jan-2010 20:53    -  
[DIR] Teisco_Kawai/              22-Jan-2010 20:54    -  
[DIR] Vox/                       22-Jan-2010 20:54    -  
[DIR] Waldorf/                   22-Jan-2010 20:54    -  
[DIR] Yamaha/                    22-Jan-2010 20:54    -  
[   ] keio-TS201012.pdf          19-Mar-2010 10:25  7.3K


360systems am16b manual.pdf
360systems am16b system interface notes.pdf
access virus a b c
access virus a os2.5.2 addendum deutsch.pdf
access virus a os2.5.2 addendum english.pdf
access virus a os2 anleitung.pdf
access virus a os2 manual.pdf
access virus b midi controller.jpg
access virus b os4.5 addendum deutsch.pdf
access virus b os4.5 addendum english.pdf
access virus b os4 anleitung.pdf
access virus b os4 manual.pdf
access virus c block diagram.pdf
access virus c os5 anleitung.pdf
access virus c os5 manual.pdf
access virus c os6.5 addendum deutsch.pdf
access virus c os6.5 addendum english.pdf
access virus c programming analogue synths
alesis a6 anleitung.pdf
alesis a6 v1.4 manual.pdf
alesis micron anleitung.pdf
alesis micron manual.pdf
alesis micron midi implementation.pdf
alesis micron nrpn list.pdf
alesis micron program chart 1.pdf
alesis micron program chart 2.pdf
alesis micron quick start manual.pdf
alesis midiverb4 anleitung.pdf
alesis midiverb4 manual.pdf
apple emagic logic environment einleitung.pdf
apple emagic logic metalist.pdf
behringer b2 rev b anleitung.pdf
behringer dsp1000p anleitung.pdf
behringer dsp1100 rev a presets parameter.pdf
behringer dsp1100 rev d anleitung.pdf
behringer dsp1100 rev e manual.pdf
behringer dsp1200p rev b anleitung.pdf
behringer dsp1200p rev d manual.pdf
behringer dsp1224p rev a anleitung.pdf
behringer dsp2024p rev c anleitung.pdf
behringer px2000 rev d anleitung.pdf
behringer studio exciter type f
casio fz-1
casio powerplay vz 1 of 2.pdf
casio powerplay vz 2 of 2.pdf
casio ra-500 ram
casio vl-1 vl-tone anleitung.pdf
casio vz-1 manual.pdf
casio vz-1 service manual.pdf
clavia nord modular v3.0 manual.pdf
clavia nordlead 2 manual.pdf
clavia nordlead v2.0 manual.pdf
crumar bit99 manual.pdf
digitech S200 manual.pdf
digitech studio quad 4 manual.pdf
e-mu emulator x3 anleitung.pdf
e-mu emulator x3 manual.pdf
e-mu esi2000 manual.pdf
e-mu esi32 manual.pdf
e-mu esi4000
e-mu esi turbo kit model 6215 install.pdf
e-mu morpheus
e-mu morpheus manual.pdf
e-mu ultraproteus
emagic apple sounddiver programming manual.pdf
emagic apple sounddiver v3.0 anleitung.pdf
emagic apple sounddiver v3.0 manual.pdf
emagic apple sounddiver v3.0 manuel.pdf
emagic apple sounddiver v3.0 model list.pdf
emagic mt4 anleitung.pdf
emagic unitor8 mkII amt8 manual.pdf
ensoniq asr10 manual.pdf
ensoniq asr service manual.pdf
ensoniq floppy diskette formats.pdf
ensoniq mirage parameterlist.pdf
ensoniq sq-80 manual.pdf
ensoniq sq-80 service manual.pdf
ensoniq sq-80 technical description.pdf
evolution evs-1
gem s-series manual.pdf
gem s-series midi.pdf
gem s-series turbokit manual.pdf
gem ws2
gem wx2 wx400 manual.pdf
hohner hs-2 hs-2e
jomox airbase99 anleitung.pdf
jomox airbase99 manual.pdf
kawai gmega wavelist.pdf
kawai k11 anleitung.pdf
kawai k11 manual.pdf
kawai k1 k1m waves.pdf
kawai k1r manual.pdf
kawai k3 manual.pdf
kawai k3m manual.pdf
kawai k5000 v2.0 midi.pdf
kawai k5000 wizoo 1 of 2.pdf
kawai k5000 wizoo 2 of 2.pdf
kawai k5000r manual.pdf
kawai k5000s manual 1.pdf
kawai k5000s manual 2.pdf
kawai k5000w manual.pdf
kawia gmega lx manual.pdf
korg 01wfd manual.pdf
korg 707 manual.pdf
korg ds-8
korg ds-8 manual.pdf
korg dw-8000 angle city parameters.pdf
korg dw-8000 ex-8000 program sheet.pdf
korg dw-8000 manual.pdf
korg dw-8000 manual 2.pdf
korg dw-8000 musitronics angelcity.pdf
korg dw-8000 service manual.pdf
korg m1 anleitung.pdf
korg midi bankchange.pdf
korg polysix anleitung.pdf
korg polysix service manual.pdf
korg wavestation backlight austausch.pdf
korg wavestation manual.pdf
korg wavestation manuel.pdf
korg wavestation service manual.pdf
korg wavestation v3.0 expanded effects.pdf
korg z1 manual.pdf
korg z1 v1.0 midi.pdf
krk vxt datasheet.pdf
krk vxt manual.pdf
krk vxt mount adaptor eng ger.pdf
mam warp9 manual.pdf
motu pcie-424 win manual.pdf
native instruments reaktor v3.0.pdf
novation bassstation rack manual.pdf
novation drumstation manual.pdf
novation nova v4.1 manual.pdf
novation nova v4.1 update.pdf
oberheim matrix-6 block diagram.jpg
oberheim matrix-6 manual.pdf
oberheim matrix-6 noise generator.pdf
oberheim matrix-6 service
oberheim matrix-6r manual.pdf
peavey pc-1600 manual.pdf
peavey pc-1600x manual.pdf
philips dcc900 manual.pdf
ppg wave 2.3 manual.pdf
ppg wave 2.3 service manual.pdf
quasimidi raven anleitung.pdf
quasimidi raven manual.pdf
quasimidi raven max anleitung.pdf
quasimidi raven max drumsets.pdf
quasimidi raven max singles performances.pdf
quasimidi sirius anleitung.pdf
quasimidi sirius manual.pdf
quasimidi technox anleitung.pdf
quasimidi technox manual.pdf
redsound darkstar manual.pdf
redsound darkstar plus manual.pdf
redsound darkstar xp2 list.pdf
redsound darkstar xp2 manual.pdf
roland ac adaptor compatibility guide.pdf
roland alpha juno-1 manual.pdf
roland alpha juno-1 service manual.pdf
roland alpha juno-2 manual.pdf
roland d-50 d-550 mex musitronics manual.pdf
roland d-50 manual.pdf
roland d-50 manual advanced.pdf
roland factory reset procedures.pdf
roland introduction to midi.pdf
roland jd-800 manual.pdf
roland jd-800 manual part II-II.pdf
roland jd-800 service manual.pdf
roland jsq-60 manual.pdf
roland juno-106 anleitung.pdf
roland juno-106 manual.pdf
roland juno-106 service manual.pdf
roland juno-106 sound synthesis memo.pdf
roland juno-60 manual.pdf
roland jx-10 super-jx
roland mt-32 manual.pdf
roland pg-1000 manual.pdf
roland pg-800 manual.pdf
roland pg-800 service manual.pdf
roland resource book 1998.pdf
roland s-10 manual.pdf
roland s-50 v2 maual.pdf
roland sampler compatibility.pdf
roland sh-201 cheat sheet.pdf
roland sh-201 faq.pdf
roland sh-201 manual.pdf
roland sh-201 quick start.pdf
roland sh-201 restore.pdf
roland sh-201 synthesis.pdf
roland sh-201 turbo start.pdf
roland system version procedures.pdf
roland w-30 manual.pdf
sequential prophet 2000 2002 manual.pdf
sm pro audio m-patch2 anleitung.pdf
sony dtc-ze700.pdf
sony mz-nh1 anleitung.pdf
sony mz-nh1 service manual.pdf
sony mz-r3 manual.pdf
soundcraft cps150 v2.0 service manual.pdf
soundcraft spirit studio lc manual.pdf
technics sx-wsa1r basic functions.pdf
technics sx-wsa1r manual.pdf
technics sx-wsa1r reference guide I.pdf
technics sx-wsa1r reference guide II.pdf
waldorf microwave 2 xt xtk cookbook.pdf
waldorf microwave firmware v1.25.pdf
waldorf microwave speech robot.pdf
waldorf microwave xt 2 xtk 300 waves.pdf
waldorf microwave xt 2 xtk controls.pdf
waldorf microwave xt 2 xtk midi sysex.pdf
waldorf microwave xt 2 xtk v23 anleitung.pdf
waldorf microwave xt 2 xtk v23 manual.pdf
yamaha an1x anleitung.pdf
yamaha an1x datalist.pdf
yamaha an1x manual.pdf
yamaha ax-396 ax-496 anleitung.pdf
yamaha cs1x anleitung.pdf
yamaha cs1x bluebook
yamaha cs1x bluebook
yamaha cs1x datalist.pdf
yamaha cs1x manual.pdf
yamaha cs2x anleitung.pdf
yamaha cs2x datalist.pdf
yamaha cs2x manual.pdf
yamaha dsr-2000 anleitung 1 von 2.pdf
yamaha dsr-2000 anleitung 2 von 2.pdf
yamaha dx11 anleitung.pdf
yamaha dx11 manual.pdf
yamaha dx7 basic fm synthesis.pdf
yamaha ex5 ex5r ex5s datalist.pdf
yamaha ex5 ex5r ex5s ex7 anleitung.pdf
yamaha ex5 ex5r ex5s ex7 manual.pdf
yamaha ex5 ex5r ex5s ex7 quick guide.pdf
yamaha ex5 ex5r ex5s ex7 textures.pdf
yamaha fc900 manual.pdf
yamaha fs1r algorithm.pdf
yamaha fs1r anleitung.pdf
yamaha fs1r datalist.pdf
yamaha fs1r datenliste.pdf
yamaha fs1r quick guide peter krischker.pdf
yamaha fx900 anleitung.pdf
yamaha ic data book.pdf
yamaha mlan-ex certification.pdf
yamaha mlan-ex japan.pdf
yamaha sy35 anleitung 1 von 2.pdf
yamaha sy35 anleitung 2 von 2.pdf
yamaha sy35 manual 1 of 2.pdf
yamaha sy35 manual 2 of 2.pdf
yamaha sy77 anleitung 1 von 4.pdf
yamaha sy77 anleitung 2 von 4.pdf
yamaha sy77 anleitung 3 von 4.pdf
yamaha sy77 anleitung 4 von 4.pdf
yamaha sy77 display upgrade.pdf
yamaha sy77 manual.pdf
yamaha sy77 midi.pdf
yamaha sy85 anleitung 1 von 3.pdf
yamaha sy85 anleitung 2 von 3.pdf
yamaha sy85 anleitung 3 von 3.pdf
yamaha sy85 job table.pdf
yamaha sy85 manual 1 of 2.pdf
yamaha sy85 manual 2 of 2.pdf
yamaha sy85 midi.pdf
yamaha tg500 anleitung 1 von 4.pdf
yamaha tg500 anleitung 2 von 4.pdf
yamaha tg500 anleitung 3 von 4.pdf
yamaha tg500 anleitung 4 von 4.pdf
yamaha tg500 manual.pdf
yamaha tg500 midi.pdf
yamaha tg77 anleitung 1 von 2.pdf
yamaha tg77 anleitung 2 von 2.pdf
yamaha tg77 manual 1 of 3.pdf
yamaha tg77 manual 2 of 3.pdf
yamaha tg77 manual 3 of 3.pdf
yamaha tg77 midi.pdf
yamaha tx7 anleitung.pdf
yamaha tx7 anmerkung.pdf
yamaha tx7 manual.pdf
yamaha v2 dx11 midi japan.pdf
yamaha ys200 anleitung 1 von 2.pdf
yamaha ys200 anleitung 2 von 2.pdf
zoom h2 anleitung.pdf

Download of Brochure / Prospekt
access virus 2004 brochure.pdf
access virus kb brochure 2000.pdf
access virus ti 2009 brochure.pdf
access virus ti 2009 whiteout brochure.pdf
alesis a6 brochure.pdf
alesis micron product overview 2008.pdf
c-lab editors.pdf
clavia nord modular brochure.pdf
clavia nord modular v.3.03 brochure.pdf
gem s-series brochure.pdf
gem s-series song disks brochure.pdf
gem s-series sound disks brochure.pdf
gem s-series turbo brochure.pdf
gem s-series turbokit brochure.pdf
gem wx2
korg ds-8 brochure 1987.pdf
korg ds-8 sound library.jpg
korg wavestation ad z3 sg1d brochure 1991.pdf
korg wavestation brochure 1990.pdf
korg wavestation sr brochure 1992.pdf
krk brochure 2009.pdf
quasimidi sirius brochure.pdf
roland jd-800 jd-990 cards.pdf
roland juno-106 brochure.pdf
roland sh-201 brochure.pdf
roland sh-201 prospekt.pdf
roland sh-201 specifications.pdf
yamaha an1x brochure 1.pdf
yamaha an1x brochure 2.pdf
yamaha an1x prospekt 1997.pdf
yamaha cs1x prospekt 1996.pdf
yamaha cs2x brochure.pdf
yamaha dx11
yamaha ex5 ex5r ex7 brochure.pdf
yamaha ex5 ex5r ex7 brochure japan.pdf
yamaha ex5 ex5r ex7 prospekt 1998.pdf
yamaha fs1r brochure japan.pdf
yamaha fs1r prospekt 1998.pdf
yamaha mu50 brochure 1995.pdf
yamaha mu5 prospekt 1994.pdf
yamaha mu80 prospekt 1995.pdf
yamaha qs300 prospekt 1995.pdf
yamaha qy22 prospekt 1995.pdf
yamaha qy70 prospekt 1997.pdf
yamaha ry8 prospekt 1994.pdf
yamaha s03 brochure 2004.pdf
yamaha su10 prospekt 1995.pdf
zoom h2 brochure.pdf

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synth and sound-tech...
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AMSynths is a small scale, UK based, manufacturer of high quality analog synthesizer modules, as well as PCB's for SynthesizerDIY.

L.L. Electronics ist ein Kleinunternehmen, welches 2003 eigens für die Entwicklung und den Vertrieb des Synthesizers "RozzBox" ins Leben gerufen wurde.
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MIDI, synth and sound-tech...
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Bend Matrix


The goal of Open Music Labs is to create a central web location where people who are interested in using analog and digital audio equipment can go to find ideas, histories, parts, and like-minded others.
We want to create a resource that people can use to share ideas and learn new ideas about hands-on audio creation, manipulation, and interaction. ...


How to turn Piano toy into MIDI keyboard (using Arduino/Atmega)


Überblick über - VCO-Schaltungen, Roland Pfeiffer (13. Vorlesung) (73 Seiten, pdf)

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