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Yamaha V50 (Synth)...

Started by Link, December 21, 2014, 06:03:30 PM


The Yamaha V50 is a digital music workstation introduced in 1989. It combines a sequencer, rhythm machine, a FM synthesis - based sound module and a MIDI keyboard. ... The FM synthesis provided by the sound module is based on 4 operators that could be chained by selecting one of the 8 available algorithms. Each operator can generate one of the 8 available waveforms. Additionally, in each of the algorithms, operator 4 can be set to modulate itself with a configurable amount of feedback. The sound unit is basically a slightly upgraded variant of the Yamaha TX81Z module, with increased polyphony and other minor tweaks. ...

Yamaha V50

1989 Yamaha V50 Synthesizer Demo Video (VHS)

"Yamaha V50 Owner's Manual"

Yamaha V50 Four Op FM Synth Workstation
Definately an underdog synth, the Yamaha V50 is a forgotten synthesizer from 1988. Originally meant to be the little brother to the Yamaha V80 (that never made it to market) the V50 came at a time when PCM based synths like the D-50 and M1 were slaughtering Yamaha's FM line in the big synth marketplace.
The V50 is a keyboard / workstation version of the Yamaha TX81Z, complete with sequencer, effects, drum machine and a floppy drive. In fact, some have said that it was Yamaha's first true workstation keyboard. ...

Replacing the internal battery of a Yamaha V50
If your V50 suddenly shows strange characters on the display and it sounds strange (drums together with a normal sound), it is very likely that your internal battery is dead. All the internal settings and internal sounds will get corrupt when the battery is dead. ...

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P-Farm is a MIDI patch-editor that uses a genetic algorithm (GA) to create new patches.
P-Farm can be used with the following synthesizers: Yamaha V-50, YS100, YS200, DX11, DX21, DX27, DX100, TX81Z, Roland Juno-106
P-Farm 1.0 Beta
Minimal system requirements : Windows 95 , Midi-interface