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Started by lemonhorse, November 16, 2011, 04:27:19 PM



How to add MIDI to a VIC-20
The following article appeared in "Electronics" the Maplin magazine.I will also add my own comments and photographs of the completed unit,and tips about problems I encountered whilst building it. ...

DIY Serial MIDI Interface
Run out of ISA card slots in your PC? Want a real MIDI interface instead of the toy interface that is built-into your sound card? Got a COM port handy? Then build the Serial MIDI Interface.

Little Sound DJ
DIY MIDI Interface
Rolemodel told me that the commercial MIDI interface for his phatt GameBoy music software Little Sound DJ was no longer available. So, I offered to design another for him. The interface has a MIDI socket coming in, and connects to the GameBoy's gamelink port.


Arduinoboy is software for the Arduino hardware platform that allows serial communication (MIDI) to the Nintendo Gameboy for music applications such as LittleSoundDJ, Nanoloop., and mGB (Featured here)

Master Clock Generator
Generates LSDj, Nanoloop MIDI and Sync24 clock signals.

DIY 16x16 Parallel Port MIDI Interface
The parallel port is unique in its abilities to maintain extremely strict MIDI timing, better than USB, and far better than serial. With some relatively simple circuitry, a 16x16 MIDI interface can be constructed to attach to the parallel port, providing excellent timing for less cost than a USB MIDI interface. ...