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Title: c / c++
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DJGPP is a complete 32-bit C/C++ development system for Intel 80386 (and higher) PCs running DOS. It includes ports of many GNU development utilities. The development tools require a 80386 or newer computer to run, as do the programs they produce. In most cases, the programs it produces can be sold commercially without license or royalties.

-.- is the most comprehensive website on the Internet pertaining to the Allegro Gaming Library. The Allegro library provides C/C++ programmers low level routines commonly needed in game programing, such as input, graphics, midi, sound effects, and timing. It is cross platform and works with many different compilers. Originally developed by Shawn Hargreaves, it is now a group project with contributions from all over the world! Some of its key features include:

    * Ease of Use - comes with comprehensive documentation and examples
    * Extensibility - if the built-in functionality isn't enough, there are many add-ons available
    * Cross Platform - without changing a single line of code, you can create versions for Windows, OS X, Linux, DOS, and others! Works with many compilers, including DJGPP and VC++
    * Open Source - anyone can contribute, including you!
    * Free - it won't cost you a dime, and there are no restrictions on its usage
Title: c / c++
Post by: Link on February 10, 2010, 04:14:08 PM
C-Programmierung (Wikibooks)
Regal: Dieses Buch steht im Regal Programmierung
Tutorial / Einsteigerkurs in das Programmieren mit ANSI C