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Started by lemonhorse, August 06, 2008, 11:22:32 AM


netlabellist (clongclongmoo.org)
in general clongclongmoo.org is dedicated to the topic "free music". the netaudio section tries to support netlabels to promote their free releases. i'm interested in and fascinated by a versatile netlabel world with all those different genres and websites.

evil rabbit records   
contemporary jazz and improvised music ...

The Klangbad collective is committed to nurturing and releasing genre bending music. We invite the uncalculated and inconclusive; the spontaneous improvised methods of making and expressing musical collaboration.
Klangbad was birthed over 15 years ago, initially to release the music of Faust, often described as one of the most experimental and uncompromising Krautrock bands to come out of post war Germany. We want to carry their thread of hope, the potential of music as raw human energy, to encourage a momentum that can bring about awareness and change. Continuing to gather and share obscure voices and everyday sounds keeps us connected to this feeling. We want to take an active role in the part of society that believes in the significance of great challenging and eclectic music. We are interested in showcasing projects that take the creative risks necessary to explore the possibilities of immeasurable intersections of human sonic energy. ...
http://www.klangbad.de/ | https://soundcloud.com/klangbad

test tube (netlabel)   
focused on presenting new artists exploring new sounds. Be they electronic or acoustic.

SPB Hamburg

music, sex and nostalgia (a lot of stuff...)

C.I.P. is an experimental music label based in Chicago




A community-built database of music information. Imagine a site with discographies of all labels, all artists, all cross-referenced. It's getting closer every day.

a channel for netlabels. all music available on this website is free to download according to the terms of the netlabel.

netaudio links + netlabel links + news, etc.

"tonAtom is a germany-based online-label for elektro, ambient und experimental // elektronik von ambient bis experimental..."

Stasisfield (Record Label)
Stasisfield presents the work of an ever-expanding group of sonic and visual artists....

Interlude Radio Show
Jazz, funk, soul, disco, hip hop, deep house , broken beat, the rythm and the bass being the common denominator...

Comfort Stand Recordings
community-driven label where all releases are free with artwork and liner notes

staubgold (berlin)
Experimental and Electronic Music - Avantgarde Free Jazz Techno

Magnatune (Rec. Label)
MP3 music and music licensing (royalty free music and license music)

2063music (netlabel)
we think that people who are open minded will listen to every form of music. ...

mp3/ogg netlabel - artistic expression with intricate technical originality - electronica and experimental sounds...

earsheltering_NET LABEL
Netlabel, Experimental, Ambient, Electro, Breakbeat

Alternative Tentacles Records was established in June of 1979 and is most likely the longest lasting (and still active) underground record labels around...

experimental sound electronique ?

...available to everyone for creative sampling, musical composition and whatever your fuzzy, little heart desires.

Strut Records

Adjacent recordings
A music label dedicated to experimental music, improvised or composed

the rhizome label


rec72 is a netlabel focusing on electronic music. We basically deliver idm, drum'n'bass, glitch, ambient, electronica and experimental sounds. rec72's artists release and offer their music under creative commons (by-nc-sa). That means you can download all music for free. The label started it's sonic mission in 2007 and is run by Marco Medkour.

Nach 20 Jahren leidenschaftlichen Sammelns merkte ich, dass ich vor lauter Sammlergewohnheit ganz vergaß, die Musik auch zu hören und zu genießen. Nach einiger Zeit wurde es immer schwerer, das Material (Tapes) meiner Begierde zu bekommen, da es teils sehr rar war und teils als verschollen galt. Zudem wurden viele Aufnahmen nur in sehr kleinen Auflagen veröffentlicht und nie Wiederveröffentlicht. Warum? Weil Labels dann effizient werden, wenn sie es schaffen wenigstens ein paar hundert CDs oder Platten zu verkaufen, was im Independentbereich nicht immer gewährleistet ist. Nachdem ich all meine gesammelten Tonträger in einem Studio digitalisiert hatte, wollte ich diese mit anderen Leuten teilen, mit Leuten, die dieselbe Musik schätzen wie ich, und das war der Grund Vinyl-On-Demand zu gründen. ...


Jazzman Records
It was back in the 1980s and through the late, great John Peel that the teenage 'Jazzman' Gerald started to get into a wider variety of music than the usual mix of pop and rock that everyone else was into. Peel sometimes threw on the odd old jazz, blues or R&B side - even some funk at times - and it was these oldies but goodies that struck a chord in his musical imagination. This was all before the internet existed, so in order to get closer to hear more of these amazing sounds he made the move from his home town of Middlesbrough to London. As far as music is concerned, this was the centre of the universe, and it was also where all the records were. Or so he thought...
www.jazzmanrecords.co.uk/ | www.youtube.com/user/JazzmanRecords | https://www.mixcloud.com/Jazzman_Records/stream/

headphonica is a free netlabel.
it is home to some unusual musicians, strange projects, and odd sound experiments. in terms of genres, headphonica is all over the board with electronica, tapemusic, jazz, avant garde, folk, experimental, noise, hip hop, and pop, among others.
headphonica started in 2006 as a project with a rather academic approach to lofi-sounds, wich ought to be recorded via headphones.

Modisti netlabel is a independent netlabel dedicated to electroacoustic experimental music and sound art.
New releases & free mp3 downloads in experimental music. News, concerts, performances, festivals, labels etc.

portal para la difusión del arte sonoro...

Welcome To Hammondbeat Records
Hammondbeat Records produces some of the coolest moderne recordings on the planet featuring the finest organ players, backed by the tightest bands and the hottest vocalists. Our music boldly plays notes that build into melodies which before you know become songs that you won't confuse with a blender, vaccuum cleaner or "the radio".
Retro, vintage, seventies, analogue, progressive, Jon Lord, funky, jet-set, soulful, rhythmic, lounge, instrumental, Auger, jazz, groovy, raw, power-pop, sixties, filmic, moog, horns, cosmic, library, Schifrin-esque, international, psychedelic, old skool, fuzz guitars, heavy beats...
...is this what you are looking for, living for, lusting for? Then this is your new home.
It's fresh and never frozen. It's today with a love for yesterday. Above all it's never boring. Now, how can we serve you?
~ Kahlil, Paolo, and the Hammondbeat Team ~


Hier gibt es Krautrock, Underground, psychedelischen und progressiven Rock, Kosmische Musik und Spacerock vor allem aus den späten 60ern und den frühen 70ern. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt ist osteuropäische Rockmusik aus dem früheren Jugoslawien und anderen osteuropäischen Ländern.
Wir führen LPs, CDs, Bücher und DVDs