[MIDIbox SID… (MB-6582 by Wilba)]

[Pix of MB-6582 | MIDIbox SID Synthesizer V2 project by Wilba]

* I want a small case, not a 19″ rack case, or a refurbished C64 case (done that already!)

* I want to layout the PCBs (cos I love doing that!)

* I don’t want lots of little PCBs to mount

* I don’t want a mass of internal wiring

* I want it to look commercially-made and not obviously DIY, both externally and internally.

* I don’t want screws visible on the front panel!

The MB-6582 by Wilba (Based on the Midibox Sid by T.K.)
=> midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=wilba_mb_6582

Non-commercial DIY Projects for MIDI Hardware Geeks by T.K.
…the C64 – can produce awesome sounds like a modern synth? Did you ever build a low-budget synthesizer by your own? Well, maybe the MIDIbox SID could be interesting for you. :-)

=> ucapps.de

MidiBox Communication
=> midibox.org/forum/

SID in-depth information Site
=> sid.kubarth.com

lemonhorse / 6 Juni 2007 / Akustische.Wellen, Electro.Labor, Found.Stuff, Visual.Notes


  1. Lorenzo - 13 März 2015 @ 21:14

    hi , i call from Italy , my name is Lorenzo Chiodi i want know if is posssible buy a kit for my c 64 , because isee http://www.ucapps.de i see the photo of prototipe of c 64 ….it is fantastich but i dont understand of costruction kit elettronic and i want know if possble buy a final kit for my c 64 ……if you know other person that have notice of this article please tell me ok bye thanks for your time bye .

    i send you a photos of kit ok bye ……….sorry for my english but i speak not well english

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