[Filz TV (Beuys)]

Pictures from „Filz Tv“ (1970) by Joseph Beuys (1921 – 1986)

[…] Beuys declares he has ‚undertaken a gradual elimination‘ by ‚filtering away‘ the picture first while leaving the sound, ‚but when the picture has gone, the sound becomes absurd.‘

«Felt TV: Shown in TV broadcast ‚Identifications’» As a contribution to Gerry Schum’s ‚Identifications‘, Beuys adapted for television the ‚Felt TV‘ action previously staged for a live audience at a Happening festival in Copenhagen in 1966. It was the only Beuys action executed specifically for the camera. It opens with Beuys seated in front of a TV set showing a programme which is invisible because the screen is covered by felt.

Link : ubu.com/film/beuys.html


[…] Die Aufnahmen der Aktion Filz-TV wurden erst kürzlich im Achiv Wolleh entdeckt. Die Aktion, welche am 14. Oktober 1966 von Beuys in Kopenhagen aufgeführt wurden galt bislang als fotografisch nicht dokumentiert.
Quelle: lothar-wolleh.de/index_overview.htm


„I like America and America likes me“ (1974)


LINK : de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beuys


/* […] The Abstractor is a simple device that instantly transforms any TV into a beautiful piece of art – Anyone can easily create an Abstractor by attaching two black boards to any TV screen. These boards cover the screen entirely – except for a small horizontal gap between them – allowing a narrow beam of light to escape from the TV. */
LINK : http://abstractor.tv/

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