[Das Reale, das Symbolische und das Imaginäre #28… ]

Sounds For The Supermarket“ was the title of a tape cassette produced by a Minnesota based Communications company in 1975.

Song: La Cosita
Artist: Luis A. Fierre
Album: Municipio de Dorado
Year: 1975

Tumultuari vor 2 Wochen „what plays in my head when my brain is out to lunch“

貴重なHails vor 4 Wochen „The music that plays while my brain cells are in a mental breakdown“

Chloie Kwirant vor 3 Wochen „This is the theme of me being drunk at 1 am on a Friday night/Saturday morning.“

George Blue vor 6 Monaten „I have this sudden overwhelming urge to buy ingredients for a tuna noodle casserole.“

Lowkey Guy vor 18 Stunden „Imagine listening to this while ur high“

oh yeah yeah yeah yeah vor 3 Wochen „I imagine this playing at a grocery store and a shooting in the backround“

TSG Frank vor 3 Wochen „Muzak is so damn iconic.“

AWHVuurwerk vor 21 Stunden „goddamn i need some milk“

Groovy Biology vor 1 Monat „God bless Youtube a recommendations“

Telah Terbiasa vor 3 Wochen „Honey, I forgot my wallet!“

Batter Montague vor 4 Jahren „All I can think of is faceless men getting killed to this music.“

MK4vDubbin vor 3 Wochen „Absolutely crushing. Devastating. Just brutality at its finest.“

Colin Dietrich vor 1 Monat „Sounds like the score of a Jacques Tati movie :)“

Jack Da Money vor 3 Wochen „I think I’ve heard this same song in a 70’s Porno.“

Mike vor 3 Wochen „Dope samples for hip hop tracks“

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