[Zum Wahn der Liebe #67 … ]

“ … For L’Atalante is no idealized, swooning romance: it’s a film about the stink of love, the squalor of love, the anger and boredom and perverse complexity of love. Nothing is simple—let alone perfect—in Vigo’s vision of love, and the film is all the more intriguing, erotic, and romantic for its messiness. … „I wanted to see you…in the water!“ he jokes. „You laugh, but it’s true,“ she says. „You’ll see one day, when you really try.“ …“ | via –> https://unaffiliatedcritic.com/2017/01/latalante-1934/ // https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atalante_(Film)

lemonhorse / 3 April 2018 / Cinema.Exposure, Kunst.Encoder, Visual.Notes

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