[Cirrus Minor (1969)… ]

„Cirrus Minor“, Pink Floyd (1969)

“ … „Cirrus Minor“ has an unusual chord sequence: E minor, E flat augmented, G major, C# minor 7, C major 7, C minor 7 and B 7. The chords are built around the chromatically descending bass line. The B 7, C major 7 and G major chords are the only chords which fit into the functional context of the E minor key. This chord sequence gives the song a very surreal atmosphere. …“ | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cirrus_Minor_(song)

Gaetano Suffritti, 3 months ago: Infinity cirrus minor

lemonhorse / 12 Januar 2018 / Akustische.Wellen, Found.Stuff, Kunst.Encoder

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