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Steely Dan – Any Major Dude Will Tell You

Jim Henderson (vor 10 Stunden): Sad to loose Walter Becker. Any major dude will tell you.
jeff fried (vor 14 Stunden): A Major dude has gone smokin with the boys upstairs. RIP Walt.
lauriecolson (vor 6 Jahren): I’m burning my Steely Danolanterns
Mike Mcdonnell (vor 5 Jahren): Rare empathetic tone from the DAN instead of usual jaded (abgebrüht, verlebt, verbraucht) view point
Steven Mercy (vor 5 Jahren): Kinda has Zappa sound to the background…
Shadow77 (on July 21, 2017): I did not know about the squonk, but it are a great metaphor for the therapy of tears.

“ … Steely Dan FAQ author Anthony Robustelli describes „Any Major Dude Will Tell You“ as one of Steely Dan’s smoothest songs and an exemplar of the 1970s California sound.“ The lyrics attempt to comfort the singer’s friend who is going through a difficult time. Steely Dan biographer Brian Sweet describes the theme as one of „madness and insecurity.“ John Totten explains that the friend the singer is addressing has gone mad and is in distress for some undisclosed reason. Allmusic critic Stewart Mason feels that the song works particularly well because the „wise-ass“ attitude taken by the singer „put sorrow in perspective without minimizing it.“ …“ | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Any_Major_Dude_Will_Tell_You (24 August 2017)

lemonhorse / 4 September 2017 / Akustische.Wellen, Found.Stuff, Kunst.Encoder

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