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Reinhold (Gottfried John, Berlin Alexanderplatz)

[ “ … (Berlin Alexanderplatz ist eine 14-teilige deutsche Fernsehverfilmung der Bavaria/RAI im Auftrag des WDR von 1980. Es handelt sich um eine Literaturverfilmung des Romans Berlin Alexanderplatz von Alfred Döblin durch Rainer Werner Fassbinder in 14 Teilen.) … Reinhold, der ständig den Verdacht hat, dass Franz sich an ihm rächen will (was dieser gar nicht beabsichtigt), ist zunehmend neidisch auf Franz‘ Glück, und beginnt Mieze nachzustellen. …“ | https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Alexanderplatz_(Fernsehverfilmung)]

// Victor (08.01.2015): “ … The feeling of guilt in Reinhold is not connected with his particular “transgressions”, sins or vices. It is ontological in its nature – it precedes actions and impulses. This guilt is located so deeply in Reinhold’s unconscious that what is instead in his consciousness is the sadistic severity, pathos of irreconcilability. … [The] Relationships between Franz and Reinhold are paradigmatic for the human culture. It is a moral distance between Gandhi and Churchill, Allende and Pinochet, Kennedy and Nixon, Bukharin and Stalin, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and “survivalists by any means” under totalitarian regimes. And it is a spiritual distance between people like Samuel Clemens [Mark Twain], William Faulkner, Godard or Fassbinder and craftsmen exchanging entertainment for enter-payment. … It is relationships between those who are ontologically (not by dogma) prone to feel existential goodness as their frame of reference, even when they do some evil, and those who spontaneously tend to feel unity with the Evil (who know deep inside that they are on the side of the Evil) even when they do some Good. Well, the matter here is psychologically tricky. … Whatever Franz does, and sometimes he does terrifying things, he knows that he is answerable to Good, responsible in front of it, and he suffers for his inability to sustain this responsibility. He knows that he is a sinner but his frame of reference is the scale of Goodness. And whatever Reinhold does he knows that he is lost for Good, that he is abandoned by it, and he suffers by being alone – with Evil. … Franz and Reinhold … They have to lose their bombastic identities which make them rigid and blind. …“ | From: „Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “Berlin Alexanderplatz” (1982) – Franz and Reinhold, the “Eternal Couple” of Western Civilization“ (‚Acting-Out Politics – Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.) | Source –>> http://www.actingoutpolitics.com/alexander-platz/

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