[A MAL GAM A (Zulueta, 1976)… ]

Iván Zulueta, 1976. 33’46”, color, sonora, súper 8

Ficha técnica
Materia original: Súper 8 telecinado en betacam digital.
Material restaurado: Betacam digital. Restauración digital de imagen en Archangel y sonido, 2009.
Procedencia: Koldo Mitxelena-Iván Zulueta.


“… With the thirty-three minute A MAL GAM A he made in 1976, Zulueta brings the lyrical film into the territory of mystico-psychedelia. The cinema as drug, as vehicle for rapture—as will later be seen in Arrebato—is a theme of this most autobiographical of Zulueta’s experimental films …” >> Iván Zulueta’s Cinephilia of Ecstasy and Experiment by Matt Losada (Feature Articles, Issue 56 | October 2010) | http://sensesofcinema.com/2010/feature-articles/ivan-zulueta%E2%80%99s-cinephilia-of-ecstasy-and-experiment/


Iván Zulueta (* 29. September 1943; † 30. Dezember 2009)

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